Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thursday night pics...

The racers meet at Johnny's...

Pre-race preperations...a smoke and a beer!

The only existing action shot from the race itself...El Duque guides his charge towards the finish line.  Wet, but triumphant.

Race coordinator/genius Shaun tallies the final results.

The Duker pontificates...

Team CSL (Charles, Steve and Lorne..not to be mistaken with DFL)

Johnny lays the blame for their team's 2nd place finish squarely on Paul's shoulders.  Deep pockets win races...losers.

The crew(around the horn from the bottom left...Steve, Lorne, Duker, Shaun, Paul, Johnny, Tom, Charles and our special Tinker guest Craig.)

Some of the lovely parting gifts.

Lorne prepares the depart while the Duker demonstartes to young Paul the proper technique for copping a feel.

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