Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bike weekend report

The bike club weekend was epic.  Friday's ride was a short noodle at Falcon lake.  The Saturday ride was a toughie.  It took 7 hours and covered 60 km's of technical trails and rolling gravel roads.  It was waaay more than I was expecting to ride.  We found some great new trails that a group at Gord's Cycle and Ski developed.  It was very nice to get back to camp to relax by the fire.  18 riders enjoyed the sweetest weekend of the year. 
There was some talk of riding on Sunday but those ideas never took flight.  Some of us did watch the toughest mountain bike race of the year take place on a soggy, muddy, slippery Falcon Lake Ski hill.  Jeff took top honors in his class with Curt pulling in 10th.  Well done.   Maybe we'll get a race report from a rider???  

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weekend road ride

Paul "DB" Krahn reports...
I would be interested in riding the roads in the area (route
to be determined based on the wind situation -- about 50 ks would be
nice) on Saturday or Sunday if that suits anyone's fancy: evening or
morning on Saturday, afternoon or evening on Sunday. If you're
interested let me know here.

Thursday night ride - Wednesday edition

Beautiful night for a ride.  Gavin, Steven W, Tom and I went for a nice little spin around town hitting all the usual routes.  We test rode a new stretch of road going north from Bunge (it would make a nice quiet spot for drag races).  Tom swapped his mountain bike for the Cheryls Guerciotti and Gavin and Steven took turns riding my fixed gear.  We concluded the ride with a fire and drinks in my backyard.  Duke joined us and after an impressive talent show by Steven we talked about future rides, races, posters and potential names.  As usual, nothing was decided.
Is anybody up for a group ride tonight?  I'm out of town but ABC should keep on keepin on.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twice is nice

I'm leaving for the bike club weekend Thursday so I won't be around for the group ride.  We can still meet at race headquarters (my place), bike and continue the regular ABC routine.  
I'm going on an early Wednesday night ride if anybody is interested for a quick spin around town.  Swing by my place at 7:30.  I need to be back home by 9 to tend the tots.  We could have a post ride beer and fire at my place if it suites.  

Link of the Week

In honor of today being El Presidente's birthday (Happy birthday D-swat!  Hope all is well in the Cou), I would like to present the following group of bikers from Minneapolis Minneapolis is abuzz with bikers, manufacturers, shops, races, lanes, trails and the nearest velodrome (an outdoor wooden track).  The bike scene is very alive and well in Minney.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Well done boys!

Results from the Brandon mountain bike race are in.  Local yokel Curt Falk finished 12th in his group and Jeff Krahn raced to 2nd!  I expect Jeff will soon be bumped up a category and Curt will start making his way closer to the podium in future races.  I hope to see a race report in the comments section soon.  

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I yam what I yam, and thats all that I yam

This club WILL get its own bike jersey.  Its only a matter of time but its going to happen.   Before that happens we need to get a quorum to solidify our name.  Then we need a logo.  What was the name of the guy who makes really cool logos?  This is what we should be asking ourselves.   When El Presidente returns from his trip to the left coast he's going to spearhead sponsorships.  Current businesses that will be approached include: Back Alley Cycle, Altona Farm Service, Pioneer Meat, Grumpy's Bar, Old Dutch Chips, The Ice Cream Hut, Prairie Sky Promotions, and Sawatzky and Sons.  Sponsorship basically requires some cash, free stuff or being awesome.

Comments at the ABC are appreciated and encouraged.  It is nice to know who you are so...Mr. Crayon, I ride...therefore I am, and anonymous - please let yourselves be known.

I'm still looking for takers for the Spring Ride next weekend (May 29-31).  Its good fun.  Let me know if your interested or if you need extra encouragement.

I'm still smiling from the road ride last Thursday.

Bikes are awesome,

Friday, May 22, 2009

May 21 - ABC - ROAD RIDE

The weather was perfect and our efforts were rewarded with a great
group ride. 50 km's completed for this edition of the ABC Thursday
night (road) ride. Well done boys. Gavin, Dan, Ben, Charles, Jeff,
Steve B and I attended the ride portion of the night. It was great to
see Ben and Steve B pull off their longest rides - ever. You are my
hero's. Ben "the fashionista" Klassen looked super sweet with one
argyle sock, deck shoes, squeaky road bike and Star Wars bike jersey.
Charles managed to ride so hard he broke his chain; Jeff, Charles and
Dan saved the day with some roadside maintenance and we savored free
revels after a good samaritan saw us on the side of the road.
Grumpy's was phase two of the Club with most of the group going home
(?), but Steve, Gavin and I we were met by Duke, El Presidente, James
Doell, and Steven W. We met Dave, one of the new owner of Grumpy's
(inroad are being made for a possible ABC sponsor). B.S. and beer

Notably absent were the road bikes dudes Curt F/T, Mike, Paul "douche bag" K.,
Giles and Mark.

Good times.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

News and Upcoming Events

The blog is growing quickly which means that it is a long way down to the NEWS AND UPCOMING EVENTS section. Therefore this section has been moved to its own web site:

We will try and keep it up to date. If you have anything that you would like to have added this page email us at:

To get to the NEWS and UPCOMING EVENTS page click on the link on the right side of the blog at the top.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

IF the trails are ready (Tom, ABC headquarter is awaiting the trails report), there will be a Sunday ride at Lake Minnewasta (Morden). Gavin and I are ready to roll and are looking for takers. Post a comment/gmail if you want to come/need a ride or can provide a ride/transport bikes. The plan is to leave from my place at 1:00 on Sunday (Sunday, Sunday).

Star Wars Alleycat

May 14, 2009 - Altona, MB

Another beautiful Spring evening

Firstly, and most importantly, hats off to The Duker for hosting a mighty fine race this evening. The Star Wars themed alleycat was a fantastic way for thirteen eager riders to spend an eve.

The usual Thursday night ride convened at Jonny S.'s place for the second installment of the Altona Alleycat Race series. Coming off Jonny's fine opening race the bar had been set high for The Duker's turn at hosting. Judging by tonight's race the bar has been bumped up a notch.

Thirteen riders started off from Jonny's to tackle a difficult (and trivially perplexing) course. Those fluent in Ewokese had the early jump but those with a more diverse knowledge of Tatooine history could easily catch up. With questions ranging from "The sunflower has how many leaves does?" to "Boba Fett's long lost relative" (Schmaunt Fett) this race had everything. Speed and accuracy won out in the end with Gavin Faurschou taking home the gold medal. Standings and finish times (including penalties/bonuses) as follows:

Gavin - 40:00 minutes
David -42:30
Mark + Charles - 45:30
Jonny S. - 47:00
Curt F. + Jeff - 49:00
Steve + Duane - 52:00
Tom + Lorne - 1:03:00
Shaun + Jeff - 1:04:00

Also in attendance were The Duker (host) and Dan K. (the awesome Jedi warrior outfit).

To be noted - Jonny blew out a tire halfway through the race, ran home and got a second bike. Tom + Lorne were afforded five bonus minutes for crashing the "invitation only" premiere of the Altona Art Gallery's grand opening.

Big winners for the eve ($5.00 entry fee) were Gavin (1st place = $30.00), Charles (random draw = $30.00), and Jeff ($5.00 entry fee back).

As for the gauntlet...

After much discussion (and an equal amount of beer) the subject of our loose "affiliation" with the Fort Garry Bike Club became a topic. After much debate it was decided (with no quorum in attendance) that the Altona Bike Club (tentative naming) must strike out on our own. The support and encouragement of our Northern brethren has been much appreciated but the patriarchal attitudes have grown tiresome. Therefore, we as a cycling collective have decided to embrace our differences and stand apart. Take this as you will. Talk amongst yourselves.

Respectfully submitted,

El Presidente

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thursday May 14th, 2009

From the desk of Race Coordinator, Myron D.
Greetings all: this Thursday's ride is another Alleycat race. Seeing as May 4th was STAR WARS Day (May the fourth be with you--very clever no!?) and May 14th is George Lucas' birthday this month's race is a STAR WARS theme. (Secondary props to Paraguay--May 14th is also Independence day in the land of Yerba Mate). However, STAR WARS it is.

A word of reassurance: You do not need to know that the Millennium Falcon did the Kessel run in 12 parsecs or any other weeny Star Wars trivia to succeed. Although if you are fluent in Ewok you do have a significant advantage. So come on out to that place long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. (I hear David is getting out his Boba Fett costume) Bring a friend--hey bring two friends. Bring that dork from work who talks like Yoda (apologies if you are that dork).

In preparation for Thursday's race here are some guidelines.

You may race with a friend or two or race alone.
If you are going together you may not split tasks. Your group must attend all locations.
Bring a working writing utensil and some sort of light.
I think it was 5 bucks last time

See you Thursday and May the Fourth-teeth be with you

Upcoming Events and News

More Upcoming Events:

Friday - Sunday, May 29 - 31, Falcon Lake campground - FGBC bike club weekend.
Clear your calendar now and get you’re A to the Whiteshell to bike some sweet trails, camp with a bunch of dudes and consume mass amounts of dogs, chips and beer. The trails are bumpy and the pace is slow. It’s a weekend not to be missed. Let me know if your interested for more details /car-pool options. Everybody is welcome to attend.

Saturday, June 6, 7:00, Neubergthal - Krahn Barn Kermesse.

This throwdown will have a 30 and 60 minute race around/through neubergthal. Registration is being limited to 30 riders; 15 locals and 15 city slickers. Registration is $5 and does not include insurance but does include hot dogs. Contact me to register. Fans and family welcome to enjoy an evening of racing, dogs and beer at the Krahn barn. BYOB/D.

Sunday, June 7, noon - The back 40 mountain bike race.
20, 40 and 80 km races. The trails are fantastic. If you ever thought about riding an MCA mountain bike race this is your chance. Its cheap ($25), you don't need an MCA license, its local and the trails are as good as they get.
If you choose the 80km race you'll also be participating in a new race series know as Operation Muerto.
Some people are crazy. It's awesome.

In related news...Curt Falk is racing in the Manitoba Cycling Association mountian bike series. His first race was at Grand Beach last Sunday and he finished 10th in his class. Well done Curt - we'll expect a full report.
Next week anticipation: early evening road ride? We'll talk on Thursday.
Bikes are awesome,

Ride Posters

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thursday May 7, 2009

Minutes of the Thursday Night Ride - May 7, 2009

From the desk of El Presidente (David S):

A cool and blustery night did not deter the hardy Southern riders from the Thursday Night Ride.

13 riders in all - Jonny S., Duker, Gavin, Lorne, Mark, Giles, Dan, Mike, Curt T., Gord, Curt F., Alvin, and myself braved a coolish Manitoba spring night to ride around the sweetest town in humanity.

The ride convened at the appointed hour of nine at Jonny S.'s place and quickly moved on to the W.C. Miller track for a spirited "last man out" race. I believe Mike won. Could have been Curt F.. Was trying to get my camera to work. Missed that one. We also ran a quick 400 metre race where Curt F. definitely took the gold while Jonny S. and myself had a photo finish for the silver. Only there was no photo. So I guess I'll say I won.

Post race we rode around town and cruised through the perimeter. Sauntered along the paths in the park and up and down the hill at the mosquito pond. Good times.

As always we concluded the eve by ambling over to Grumpy's Bar for a few cold ones and some lively chatter.