Friday, November 29, 2013

ThNR Report

Franklin, David, James, Steven and I cycled down buffalo creek.  The ice made Franklin a nervous Nelly and I got a stupid pinch flat riding over some rocks.  It was a lovely stroll back to town and Sandra offered shots of rum as I replaced my tube in the Doell garage.  We made it back to the clubhouse to find Tom, Duke, Paul B and Lorne.  Minutes include: Country Cycle AND SKI, The Unger Games, pastafarins, “wax my ski”, Franklin thought the popcorn was totally boss, we raised a glass to Dave H, Sunday shopping in Altona, Roadside Foods has Churchill prices, Paul provided a glowing review of the play starring ABES cast members, Franklin won the fastest beard contest, the town of Morris is racist (just like every other town), Altona pizza prices are ridiculous, the video that never happened, Rachel Huebner is a saint, the man who couldn’t yell, Lorne called the cops on his own bachelor party, and serenity now!

Happy belated birthday!
Huge tracks of land
Good times.

Let me know if you're interested in cycling to St. Jean on the creek - Saturday at 2 pm'ish.  JS

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


On Thursday the Americans will be giving thanks for Hanukah.  

Locals in the know will be cycling and rabble rousing over cognacs at the clubhouse.  

See you at 8.

Friday, November 22, 2013

ThNR Report

James, David, Albert, Patrick and I cycled around town and bike-tagged fresh snow in peoples yards.  Albert and Patrick bickered about saddle settings and David absolutely dominated the knockdown games.  We retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Tom, DB, and Franklin.  Thanks to Tom and his impressive meat (-draw proceeds), we were treated to copious amounts of wings and pizza.  We heart you Tom.  Minutes include: bike/drink/ski triathlon, Steven won the trustee bi-election by a landslide – huzzah, DB has registered for Activ Epica, Franklin is planning on being all bang and no buck (snip), fat bikes for under a grand, Tom’s new fancy drink – coke from glass bottles, DB had his first complete chicken wing, Mad Dog Vachon – dead, Eddie Van Halen is a cheater, and we don’t need a new clubhouse we need a teachers lounge.  Good times.  JS

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This week we'll thank Tom for being Tom and congratulate and console Steven for his efforts.  I hope they show up.  
I’ll see you cheap Menno’s at 8.

Friday, November 15, 2013

ThNR Report

Albert, Curt, Dan, James, Jeff, Duke and I splattered around town.  Tom, Steven and David joined us at the clubhouse where the minutes include: James shared a bag o homemade jerky - delish, Steven is running for school trustee - he has “faith” in smile power to solve school issues but did not offer his view on the recent hot-button issue that everybody is curious about…drainage, a mofo-backho will tear down buildings at Bungee, local barber misspells head shaving, Dan claims that the best non-boozy beer tastes as good as Lucky (for a pastor he did a terrible job of converting anybody), Curt won an arm wrestling match but was sore for 2 months, best new word: up-and-dicular, best new phrase: an optional choice test, poker games every Wednesday at the clubhouse, Dan enjoys his afternoon delights (5318008), Rob Ford eats at home, Cops for Cancer? (that's the worst kind of cop), memories of Mike "Are you kidding me?" Beauregard and the Cobblestone Classic, and next week is ABES pizza night!  JS

Toe clip dirt lines

Timothy Dueck took this sweet series of pictures 
of a gong show moment at MennoCross...

Good times.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Provincial CX Pics

A few snaps from the provincial cross races at The Forks...

Goofy kids are awesome - Goofy adults too.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

More SX13 Pictures

Provincial cycling champion Albert Falk has a talented sister who took these pictures of the C and B races.  Check it...

Thanks Betty.

Friday, November 8, 2013

ThNR Report

Franklin, Steve, Dan G, Curt, David, James, DB, Albert, Mike and I rode to Co-op for batteries and chips, then around town and country stopping at stop signs because that’s what we do.  Steve rode more that night than he has all year – back on the horse Steve.  Duke and Tom met us at the clubhouse where minutes included: ABETINA bike club (don’t get me started – or do), cross season is over = bitter-sweet, Franklin wants to poster-bomb Altona and Dan doesn’t know anything about it, details about the Wiebe/Farm-Cross were missing – deferred to our next meeting, I sleepily shaved off my stache, new ABES jersey designs competition (Zubaz pants and a leather vest), skin suits, cross season should run every three weeks over 7 months,  the new stadium in Toronto, Shaun to download a cop scanner app., David and Mike were sporting horseshoe (YMCA) staches, people think Saskatchewan is flat!?, the stresses of writing report cards (an exercise in creative writing), Iron/Country Cross is this Saturday, svenness videos, DB is a chubby chaser, and my A Race hero is fat and fast. 

Good times.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I have a beer for the first 6 dudes.  
They’re free and they’re not very good.  Guaranteed.

See you at 8.

Every year the Cross season has gotten better.  The organization, the courses, and the participation goes up a notch every year.  The season wind-up/provincial championships were held at The Forks (super cool), and Rocktona had its share of cycling enthusiasts: Thomas, Mia, Kate, Loch, Coen, Henry, Nelson and Leo were in the kid race, Albert, Steven, Cheryl, Lisa, Joanne and I watched Gavin and DB race away in a field of 79 riders, Kris had to endure a 60 minute race (vs. 20 minutes +1), and three Giesbrecht brothers were in the Open race where Evan got a flat tire on the last lap surrendering third place to his younger brother Jared.  There are a gaggle of pictures floating around the interwebs and an interview on CTV with Even Giesbercha. 

Cross may be over but another cycling opportunity is a’knockin'.  Everybody is invited to ride or race a 40’ish km course starting at Colert Beach.  Riders will go along trails and rolling country roads and conclude with bbq hot-dogs.  Even if you don’t feel like “racing”, come out for a 40 k bike ride with friends - AND eat hot dogs!  Be ready to ride by 2pm at Colert beach.  Steven, Albert and I are confirmed.  Register here – it’s free.

Friday, November 1, 2013

ThNR Report

Best (only) ABES Halloween Ride ever!  We rode to Tom's for a quick hydration fix then moseyed our way to Pole Vaulters...
The ABES logo beckoned
Paul "Hesjedal" Wolters
Halloween treats started with beers...
an assortment of liquor...and beef jerky!
We concluded the ride at the clubhouse - natch.  Minutes were lost - boo.

Dan claims the L is for Luigi - others were not so sure.
Good times.

Looking back...

More Southern Cross photos from Marc LeBrun can be found here.  Lots of kid pics.

Sean Carney filed his own SX13 report.

Looking forward...

Cyclocross provincial championships take place this Sunday at The Forks.  Cool.  There's an Open Category and all kids can race for free so everybody has a chance to take part  in this historic event.  Not to be missed - watch it or race it y'all!

From the desk of Peter "Country Cycle" Loewen...
Here is an invite to a little "iron cross" event called Country Cross. It will be a 40km+ one lap "ride" involving single track and gravel roads in and around Morden. The ride starts at Colert Beach at 2:00PM on Saturday, November 9th. There are two bike categories: cross and everything else. Please register at this site:  
Right on.

Movember starts today.  Moustache rides to follow.

Looking about...

Cyclocross geeks love these videos.  Give them a sniff.