Monday, November 30, 2009

Ontario bike ride

I managed to spin the wheels for a couple of hours today. I passed such places as Balls Falls, Grimsby, Effingham and Butterballs; so I spent a lot of time giggling. I tried some mountain bike trails with my cross bike and was grateful to survive without getting a flat. We're flying back home tomorrow. Not as much time on the bike as I had hoped. Life and other joys/responsibilities have a way of filling up a day. I'm still glad I brought my bike. Westjet flies bikes for free. Good to know. JS

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thursday Night Non-Ride report

A beautiful night for a ride (as previously posted).

But also a beautiful night to attend the Winnipeg premiere of the new flick, The Road.

Cousin Tom and I scored some free passes (thanks Free Press!) and settled into our second row seats for the show. Don't sit in the second row. No neck rests at Grant Park. Sore neck.

As for the followed the plot of the book quite closely. Which is good. And in my opinion, also bad. Since first reading this novel (by Cormac McCarthy) two years ago I have found myself drawn back to it twice for re-reading. I must say its vaulted into a safe place on my all-time Top Ten book list. Which is to say I expected a lot from the film and it kinda delivered. It stayed true...good. The book doesn't lend itself to being adapted into a movie...bad.

All in all it was a decent film. But the book, as always is better.

Tom may disagree, but we'd both like to hear from someone who saw the movie and hasn't read the book.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday report - Ontario edition

My mom says I'm cool!

I took a long ride today. Started out sniffing some trails at St. Catherines, then decided to see if I could find Niagara Falls. I have a terrible sense of direction and no map so I relied on directions from strangers. The directions ranged from wrong to helpful and I meandered the highways, byways, and trails of Southern Ontario until I found my destination. The thing that amazes me about Niagara Falls is that it's a world wide attraction. The falls themselves keep my attention for about 1 minute, but the amount of people that flock there is amazing. Oh well, not everybody loves bikes either. I ended up putting about 125 km's on the bike and finished the ride with a couple of beers at the Jordan Hotel. Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas. JS

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thursday night ride

Who wants to go for a spin?

I'm out for the Altona ride. Meet at the usual place and time.

We flew to southern Ontario to spend time with mom and dad Koop. I brought my new bike. The riding possibilities are incredible here. The niagara escarpment is beautiful, the wineries are plentiful, the country roads are paved, smooth, picturesque and quiet. The forecast is for drizzles but I won't be deterred. I heart holidays. JS

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Maximum shenanigans indeed

Check out this awesome/crazy X race video...
Found on this sweet site.

Nordic Cross report

A small but enthusiastic group came to the Bike, Drink and be Wary Nordic Cross race. Dan, Jeff, Giles and I started the race and Mike joined in two laps down. The Biking consisted of riding as many laps of a route at West Park School. A lap took about 2.5 minutes and covered the perimeter, the dirt hump, the long-jump sand pit, noodling around trees and on the cement pad. The Drink portion allowed riders to earn a lap for any carbonated beverage consumed. The Wary was not heeded by Mike who ripped his pants riding through the sand pit, and Giles who fell twice in the sand, one time over his handlebars breaking a spoke in the process. I completed the most laps (and drank a beer) for the win, followed by Jeff, Giles, Dan and Mike who were drinkless in the loss (a shame). Good times.

If anybody is looking for a fun ride, the local motox track is awesome. They've dug out a bigger pond and used the dirt for some massive track improvements. The kids track is fun too but the adult course is packed and ready for bicycle fun. I highly recommend giving it a spin. JS

Monday, November 16, 2009

ABES Nordic Cross # 1

Bike, Drink and be Wary
Race details: Thursday, November 19, 9:00 at ABES headquarters (not 7:00 like previously reported).
Bring enough cans/bottles of anything carbonated (wink).
A relay race on a set course. Lights would be a good idea.
Bragging rights are on the line. See you then. JS

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kildonan park pictures

A couple of sweet pics from this dude from The Last Cross Race of the Season.

Jonny G showing fine form on the barriers.

Paul Benson has skills.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thursday night report

The dudes: David, Steve, Paul B, Lorne, and I. The ride: 21 klicks in town, gravel roads, and gravel paths. The clubhouse: Add Tom and Duke. The beers disappeared quickly. We talked about some stuff, ate extra salty popcorn, rehydrated + +, mocked those that didn’t show up, mocked those that did. It was awesome.

Nordic Cross. Unseasonably delightful weather will allow us to ride without snow. That's fine with me. The first race of the new season will be a straight forward course made for given'r. No entry fee, no spoke cards, just lung busting, leg burning fun. The beers are going to be extra tasty. JS

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursday night ride

Meet at the headquarters at 9, we'll wait for Duke and leave at 9:15. You know, the norm. JS

Monday, November 9, 2009

Drop bars not bombs

Yo bro's. The weather is beautiful and the ABES should take full advantage of the upcoming holiday. Is anybody interested in an early Wednesday afternoon bike ride/race? Maybe a fire and dogs? Let me know who's interested and who wants to do what. JS

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thursday night ride

This would be a sweet addition to the ABES fleet. A bike with a two keg bar, pizza holder and stereo system.

Thursday night ride is a go. Meet at ABES headquarters at 9:00 and we'll spin around our fair hamlet. See you then - suckas! JS

Monday, November 2, 2009

Turn, turn, turn

ABES Alleycat Champs:

Halloween alleycat - Lorne and Steve

Who doesnt like Monopoly alleycat - David

Harvest conucopia meddellienjekaut - James and Dan

Oh Canada! alleycat - James

Sign of the times alleycat - Johnny

Star Wars alleycat - Gavin

Hope over fear alleycat - Mark and Giles

7 races, 9 different winners. Awesome times. James managed an extra half-win with Dan. Must be the stache.

It was an awesome race series that will be brought back for spring. The focus will now shift to the other season - winter. The nordic race series is an urban cross theme. Race organizers plan a race route and may or may not throw in any sort of absurdity they wish. Simple race or ridiculous options, single, teams or relay, food and/or beer. As long as there are ABES there will be FUN. The ABES Nordic Cross series runs from November - March. The first race of the series will be November 19 at 7:00. Clear your calendars, find your wool socks and get ready for our first winter of riding, drinking and drinking. Good times. JS