Monday, November 30, 2009

Ontario bike ride

I managed to spin the wheels for a couple of hours today. I passed such places as Balls Falls, Grimsby, Effingham and Butterballs; so I spent a lot of time giggling. I tried some mountain bike trails with my cross bike and was grateful to survive without getting a flat. We're flying back home tomorrow. Not as much time on the bike as I had hoped. Life and other joys/responsibilities have a way of filling up a day. I'm still glad I brought my bike. Westjet flies bikes for free. Good to know. JS


  1. Biking fun in Ontario ... good on yah.

    Hey ABES gang, I'm looking for an contact e-mail address to get info out to you (and others) about a new MTB race for 2010.

    E-mail me please: tom(at)

    Thanks, Tom K

  2. A Flatlander Mountain ABE? I thought they were extinct. Lets bring them back. *hoots and beats chest*