Sunday, September 30, 2012

Menno Cross Report

The Menno Cross course was dialed in better than ever with a lot of flowing grass sections, the flyover, barriers at the food tent and a perfect run-up at the bunker.  The weather was beautiful but the dry heat put a boatload of hurt on the racers including Paul K who blew apart mid-race and looked like he might need CPR while he was being treated for heat exhaustion - I hope you're OK DB.  James was passing racers every lap at the barriers with his dialed in dis/re-mounts, Cheryl had the race of her life finishing second in C, Joanne, Sandra and honorary goddess Anita were all hurting and racing well, Steven had a strong race as his bruise/goiter didn't appear to slow him down, Albert put all the youngin's to shame, Franklin's bike blew apart mid-race, Gavin continues to impress and move up the B-boys ladder (he seems to spend the entire race in his drop-bars - awesome), and I continue to tumble down the standings as quickly as I found myself strewn on the ground being driven over by living legend Bill Algeo.  In the A race, the cricket chirped his way to the top of the podium defending his MC title from 2011.

Friday, September 28, 2012

ThNR Report

Bruiser, Gavin, James, Tom, Duke, David, Curt, Chris and I met for a leisurely night ride on the Southern Cross course and then headed to the clubhouse early in hopes of pizza.  There was no pizza.  They did have giggle juice and popcorn so that was good.  Steven joined us and our minutes included: American Ninja Warrior, SC fundraiser DSwat has procured a team signed Bomber football and continues to make headway with local businesses, Tom provided the meat draw report, Steve stunk up my neighbourhood by peeling out on his Harley (nice), the rainbow restaurant offers the LGBLT, beer gardens are good, Miss Evie is intense, Fargo waffles are gross, Altona councilor resigns for being sensible, Southern Cross facebook page / website / registration is up and running, Paul B music can cause depression – what’s slower than a dirge?, Steven crashed into a chain between two poles as he raced to the start of his race in Portage and has an impressive plate-sized bruise/swelling on his leg, SC sausage flipper = honorary mayor, Duke is ready to fulfill the pact, running the gauntlet, using a scissor-lift for the SC race announcer, Lyle appeared after last call and enjoyed a long overdue brew at ABES headquarters (NB - save/donate all your clear beer bottles to Tall Boy breweries), Sandra gave the Krahn Barn concert a glowing review, Franklins mountain-cross race/potluck is postponed, and pastor Ben and Dwight will race at SC then race to a wedding after they clean themselves with moist towelettes.  Good times.

Franz-man shows a lot of old-school love
James gets Sammy to stop clucking
Duker on Steve's hog

Menno Cross takes place tomorrow at CMU.  It's a mighty fine race brought to you by DRR (so you know it will be good) and offers races for everybody whether you have a race license or not.  See you at the bunker.  JS

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Night Cross Lab and Ride

Cross Lab at 6:30 at the park.

ThNR at 9:00 at ABES headquarters.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let's Get This Party Started

Steven W is more than a pretty face - he can race, wrestle and make posters. I give you exhibit A...

Speaking of talented ABES, Gavin is more than a chilled-out, bearded, speed demon - he's also a second level blog-master.  Check out his handiwork and all the Southern Cross deets here.  I'm sure glad we have those two dudes on our side. Stay tuned for more SC announcements.  Did someone say free kids bike - whaaaat!?  JS


Monday, September 24, 2012

More R of M Cross Pics

The Republic of Manitobah Cross was a painful giver-fest course that included a demoralizing and frustrating (at least for me) mud section.  I apologize to anybody who was stuck behind me as I swerved, crashed, stumbled and hopped my way through the mud pit of despair.  Gavin and Steven finished top 10 in their races, there were three Athena goddesses atop the Citizen podium and Cheryl finished 4th in her group.  The kids looked cute and raced too.  Well done team.

Menno Cross is this Saturday and has an Open race for those curious enough to take a bitter-sweet sip from the cross cup.  Get out there fence sitters!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Republic of Manitobah Cross photos

Saturday saw a bunch of ABES (including some Athena's in ABES clothing) head out to Portage la Prairie for the R of M Cross race.  Results are here.  And here are a few pics...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

ThNR Report

Duke, Dan, Albert, James, Steven, Gavin, Curt, Shaun, Franklin, Ike, and I met for our weekly constitutional.  Once again we had difficulty staying together but miraculously we manage to find each other for the meeting.   Tom and David met us at the clubhouse where minutes included: Dan has his weight bench in the living room, cliques at the Miller staff room, chamber bucks/sand dollars/beer vouchers, Dan and Albert are considered most likely to have the first ABES memorial plaque at the clubhouse, Southern Cross clydesdales, Cindy had broken her fall using her face, the drunk prophet/Schiesse insists he’ll return to the fold, Gavin's flyover picture made some people happy, Craig Doell is the cover boy on a Winnipeg commie rag, cigar burns in new clothes, David Cantstazya, Plum Coulee justice, Wookipeedia exists, Boris bought us a round and promised free pizza next week, Christopher Walken can dance, and Grumpy’s will be offering Friday meat draws to benefit local cycling groups – yaa!  Good times.

Classy guy 
Gavin is focussed and/or freaked at Dark Cross 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thursday Night Cross Lab and Ride

Steven mowed the course and it's (mostly) good to go.  If you want to give it a sniff, meet at the park at 6:30 and we'll rip it up, rippity-style.

The Thursday Night Ride commences at 9:00.

Dark Cross 2012 photos - CK

Sunday, September 16, 2012

DarkCross 2012 photodump

Last night was awesome, pure and simple.  I have no idea how many riders raced or supporters attended but the DarkCross organizers should be very pleased with themselves this morning.  From a Kids group of around 60 racers to a very fast A group race everyone was loving this kickoff to Cross season.

The ABES and Athena were well represented last night.  Not sure how everyone placed but Cheryl K. was close to a podium in the Women's C race and Gavin was hovering near a top ten finish in the Men's B race.  Details will follow from someone else.

These are a few of my pics from the event and due to my limited photographic skills they taper off as the light fails.  But I got a few good ones.


The start

Moms and Dads helping out the youngsters.

William Sawatzky showing his steely determination.

Lisa and Loch Gagne negotiating turn #1.

Nelson showing off that fine Faurshou form.

Kate and Johnny Sawatsky on the switchbacks.

Marcus Huebner, tongue wagging, looks strikingly similar to the greatest basketball player ever, UNC alum Michael Jordan.

Jacob Sawatzky

Mia Sawatsky remounting after the barriers.

A smooth carryover (Ethan Doell?)


Franklin Rempel making the Wallace and Wallace Grandstand run-up look, well, Mickey Mouse.

James Doell hammering the W+W Grandstand run-up, much to the delight of his adoring entourage.

The Women's Open podium finishers.

The Men's Open podium finishers.

James Doell toasts his splendid race.

James celebrating his Jagermeister Medicinal Therapy victory!

The crowd grows as the sun sets.


The "C" race riders gather at the start.

The Wiebe siblings (Joanne and Steven) look cool and calm (or are they posturing?)

Cindy isn't buying whatever strategy Anita Ens is selling.

But she does like Anita's rah-rah pep talks!

The Qualico Homes flyover (was anything at this race NOT sponsored?)

Steven flies around the corners.


Albert Falk looking jaunty.

Anita Ens

Cindy Hiebert

Sandra Carr was too fast for my limited skills.

Athena member Cindy H. attacks the flyover.

Is that determination or fear on Cheryl's face?

No fear here from Lisa "eye of the tiger" Gagne.

Sandra Carr glides down the flyover.

Joanne Wiebe making it look easy.

FGBC racer Vic Pankratz

Sandra C.

Joanne W.

Cindy H.

The Men's "C" podium

The Women's "C" podium

"B" race

A psychedelic Gavin Faurschou

Craig Doell approaching the W+W grandstand run up.

The Men's "B" race podium

The Women's "B" race podium - a sweep for the FGBC.

Charlene Guenther basks in her Jagermeister win.

Losing a crank arm = boozy glory for Johnny Sawatsky.

Isn't this almost like incest?

"A" race

Yes, the "A" race was fast.  Fast enough that my pictures are crappy.  And a kiddie meltdown forced us to abandon the racers midway through.  Such is life.

Chris Huebner pounding through the rock garden.

PK came. He raced. He watched. He stuck out his tongue.

 Thanks again to all the organizers, you've managed to outdo yourself!  Can't wait 'til 2013 for another outstanding kickoff to MB Cross season.  And maybe I'll get to race too.