Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturdays and Tinker - Why not?

It's a beaut of a day, irregardless of the 30 km/h south wind. Yet another group ride? Why not?

The usual stop at the TCT Wes Hamm corner.

Top of the hill conference.

Shaun rubs it in.

Daughter trash talks father. 
It never looks this awesome when you're grunting.

Post-ride communion. Thanks Dan!

We're tough enough. So tough we might do this again tomorrow.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Tinker Ride Report

Another Saturday brought another group ride, this one to the hills near Tinker Creek.  We nine celebrated eventual coming of spring with fire in our hearts and steel in our eyes.

We rode together.

We climbed hills together.

We stood there, together.

We stood there, too.  Together.

We finished, on our own, by coming back together.

Then we had the usual standing around and talking about what we had just done, how much we had enjoyed it, and when we could do it again.
Group rides on gravel are great.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Shannondale #2 Ride Report

Good bunch out today. Working on form for the HP Spring/Summer/Fall extravaganzas. There will be no mercy, so don't look for it here.

The weather was a bit shit - windy and cooler than we thought, though it was from the NE which is, we think, best for this ride. All in all it was a gooder as predicted. Here's a few pics and the data (obviously).

On the way up. Good form here.

Still climbing. Keep your pecker up!

Heading in. Or up. Whatever. It's gonna be what it is. 

Working it from afar. The world is on a string, baby.

And here's the data:

A few minutes faster than the March ride, but we're still working on getting into HP form. Damn those hills! 

Beer is good though. And the burgers at Rox! Good reviews on the Lumberjack. Not so much on the Highwayman. Money isn't everything. Sometimes the cheap things in life are free. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Sunday at Shannondale - No. 2

Sunday's aren't complete without a ride! 

Should be a gooder. Start at Dave's for a 41.7 km out and back with 442 metres of climb (56 feet of climb per mile). Leave town at 1 pm.