Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moose Lake and ThNR Invitation

Who's excited about the ride?
Bruce and co. are planning the Altona to Moose Lake bike ride and he wants you all to know you’re invited.  Save August 11 on your calendar and enjoy a group ride that will end with a well deserved supper, rehydration therapy and stories to brag about to your co-workers.  

DSwank’s alleycat was deluxe but now we’ll get back to doing what we do best, linger at headquarters, get split up on the ride, and meet at the clubhouse.  It’s going to be a good day.

Who’s claiming the June alleycat?

Monday, May 28, 2012

No Gut, No Glory report

The No. Gut, No Glory Alleycat/Time Trial saw 15 riders put up the $5 entry to race.  Leaving at staggered intervals of one minute they set out to the village to down a hot dog and a Pepsi (some begrudgingly) and then proceed to race around Altona answering ABES-related trivia question.  Right answer and you were pointed in the right direction; wrong answer and you back tracked a little and then had to steer yourself towards the correct answer for directions.

Post-race comments went well.  Most seemed to enjoy the newish format and the fact that they didn't have to carry a pen and paper!  The results were as follows:

1. Jonny  - 35:27
2. Steve B. - 36:49
3. Steven W. - 38:26
4. Mike  - 39:54
5. Ben  - 41:17
6. Jeff  - 41:36
7. Gavin  - 41:37
8. Shaun  - 41:38
9. Ike - 41:51
10. James - 42:17
11. Charles - 46:50
12: Albert - 48:06
13. Dan - 51:03
14. "Bruno" - 53:06
DFL  The Duker - 1:05:44

Prizes were of a cycling and cash nature.  Hats, beer glasses, socks, lube and a book.  Now Jonny will have to learn to read again.

Sorry for the lack of pics, Blogger would not allow me to put them up.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No Gut, No Glory

The details...

Start :  8 PM
Location : the usual (Jonny's)
Bring : $5 and a light. Might need it, might not.
Don't bring : pen, paper, clipboard, IPad, or any other note taking/writing device
Prizes : Hell yeah!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Victoria Day Road Ride

Dan, Albert and I plan to cycle the road through the valley near La Riviere on Monday morning.  We'll be leaving Dan's place at 8:30.  Post a comment if you'd like to join us so travel arrangements can be made.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

WNR Report

A boatload of us showed up for the ThNRWE - 23 to be exact.  Our second biggest rally ever.  David tells me that Dan’s allecat holds the record at 24.  It must have been the beautiful spring weather that brought so many cyclist out.  That, and we knew Ryan Leech was interested in sipping from the ABES green kool-aid.  In true ABES form he was 15 minutes late.  Bruce gave him his cross bike and we showed him what we do in these parts – cycle around town then go to the clubhouse for giggles.  It was a beautiful sight to see so many cyclists taking part in a ride.  A small part of me was sorry Ryan didn’t do his trials riding - not many people do what he does, but mostly I was glad he was on a road bike spinning and visiting like the rest of us.  It would have felt weird making him work for our amusement – dance, monkey, dance!  I’ll report what everybody says – He’s a really nice guy, full of smiles, stories, warmth, but not punctual.  The reviews from his school shows have been top-notch.

Everybody of age (even Mike) joined us at the clubhouse where we rehydrated and gushed over our guest.  The minutes included: Blue is the McDonald’s of beer, who is the creepy old man on the farthing, DB wants to lay on top of Dennis for Ryans high jump, big drops on road bikes, yoga, yoga, yoga, the prestige of the half marathon, the penny farthing and 52” unicycle fundraiser ride from Rocktona to Stinkler, the popcorn machine only works on Thursdays, Curt’s sweet chops, Bruiser’s garage contents are worth more than his house, BAC bought Ryans bike – Gavin was nominated to ride it, our cycling bibs should be here for Road Ride 2012, Ryan teaching pastor near-beer and DB to bunnyhop, and David was rallying the troops around his time trial / alleycat race next week.  Good times.  JS

Upcoming events:
  • ThNR – I’ll ride if you do – my place at 8:00
  • Mountain bike ride – Saturday is looking rainy – Sunday looks better if the trails are rideable – details TBA
  • Family Bike Club – Sunday at 6:30 – postponed one week.  Next week: scavenger hunt
  • Monday Road Ride –  Dan wants to ride the cement and gravel near Manitou/La Riviere – details TBA

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A flurry of activites to report…

ABES wannabe Ryan Leech is scheduled to audition for club affiliation at the ThNR – Wednesday Edition.  Meet at ABES headquarters Wednesday at 8:00 for the hazing ritual.  The Leechmeister will ride whatever bike he wants - we might be giggling like schoolgirls if he rides his trials bike, visit if he takes a road bike or laugh if he chooses the penny farthing.  The evening is as loose as a goose. 
When things were looking bleak on the local alleycat scene, race coordinator extraordinaire DSwank announced he is planning a race that promises to be super-happy-fun for next Thursday - sweet.
Families and members of the dark side are coming to visit Rocktona.  A ride to the hills of Tinker/Morden this weekend are being planned.

The Family Bike Club takes place on Sunday, 6:30 at the SawKoopsky’s house.
Dan is planning a Victoria Day road ride that will include cement, gravel, hills, burgers and fries.
Ryder Hesjedal became the first Canadian to capture the pink jersey as overall leader of the Giro Italia, the world's second most prestigious annual cycling race after the Tour de France.  Beauty eh.
Will the weather cooperate for all this goodness?  It better or we'll get Bruiser to give it a punch in the throat!  JS

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thursday Night Ride – Special Wednesday Edition

We will ride on Wednesday this week to accommodate guest bicycle enthusiast/yoga sage/pretty boy - Ryan Leech.  He is in the greater Rocktona area and wanted to do two things after his performances: sleep in a barn (check) and cycle with a gaggle of awkward yokels (double check).  Plans are being made so stay tuned.

Remember alleycat races?  They were fun right?  We should do that again.  Charles is still thinking (clap), David has made promises (ALLYcat), and many have been coasting since I don't know when.  It seems like something should happen soon.  Volunteers appreciated.  Shunning is an option – just look at what’s happening to Pastor near-beer.

Jeff Krahn reports...
I've been asked if any of the ABES would like to volunteer for the Walk/Run to Remember. So far Dan and myself are in, and they were hoping to get at leaset two more of us. It would be a support role where the riders lead/follow the runners. Can check out the info here.  It would be awesome to get at least two more.  Oh yeah, volunteers get free food and a beverage at the end.  The date is May 26 and the race starts at 9am (runners register starting at 8).

Friday, May 11, 2012

ThNR Report

A bunch of dudes rode bike around town - you know who you are.  We had trouble staying together.  The warm weather was nice - until it wasn't.  You should have been there.  David brought a bag of free pizza.  Dan drinks near beer - HA.  Good times.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Ride - meet at 8:30.  Sweet CK will be there if we can find childcare.  JS

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Upcoming Super Happy Fun Times!

Thursday Night Ride – Sunshiny hours are in effect – 8:00 pm start - it will be good.
Saturday Breakfast Ride – 8:30.  Bikes and bacon - also good.
Sunday at 6:30 - Family Bike Club - parents and kids are invited to cycle together, socialize, develop cycling skills and promote the awesomeness of bikes (have fun).  Feel free to invite any families that likes good times.  We’ll gather at the SawKoopsky`s house (31-2nd St. SE) every Sunday in May and June and we’ll figure it out as we go along.  Sound good?

Monday, May 7, 2012

ABES Cycling Gear

If anybody wants to order an ABES jersey, now is the time.  
Additional cycling costume options found here.
The order goes in Saturday.

Friday, May 4, 2012

ThNR Report

Steven, David, Gavin, Schiesse, Rudy, Albert, Paul W, Curt, Mike, Steve, Ike and I headed out for a nice spin around town.  Duke found us, and we escorted Chaz and Ben through the village as they were returning from Gretna.  David was sporting the new bike club technology – a video camera to document events  - too bad it wasn’t on for the penny farthing endo.  Steven and Gavin made sure we had a healthy pace and most followed – some needed extra time preparing at the clubhouse and headed in early.  Minutes include: old folks home V. new folks home, Las Vegas youth retreat, brave Segway riders, Formula One Team Hyundai, Gavin is getting a new carbon mtb frame on warranty, upcoming housewarming events, hot goalies win playoff games, Shamwad Sawatzky, Schiesse was evasive about commiting to the breakfast ride, flapjacks and melons, “Why is there grass in your helmet?”, fat bastard theatre (the Burt), and Duke lost his bike computer - again.

Memory card instructions are hard  
Sweet Cheryl Koop and I are riding to Letellier for the Saturday Morning Breakfast Ride – meet us here at 8:30 if you'd like to join us.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


This is the last week to sample the bib sizes and place your order.  Get your orders in this weekend, this weekend, this weekend or you'll be out of luck.

See you at 9.  

Anybody interested in a Saturday breakfast ride?