Friday, May 11, 2012

ThNR Report

A bunch of dudes rode bike around town - you know who you are.  We had trouble staying together.  The warm weather was nice - until it wasn't.  You should have been there.  David brought a bag of free pizza.  Dan drinks near beer - HA.  Good times.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Ride - meet at 8:30.  Sweet CK will be there if we can find childcare.  JS


  1. Was at your house at 8:33 this morning, must have missed you so I went to Rosetown all by my lonesome.

  2. Sorry Dan. I could have used you to shield me from a very sweaty DB.

  3. Hey guys, I've been asked if any of the ABES would like to volunteer for the Walk/Run to Remember. So far Dan and myself are in, and they were hoping to get at leaset two more of us. It would be a support role where the riders lead/follow the runners. Can check out the info at:
    Would be awesome to get at least two more.
    Oh yeah, volunteers get free food and beverage at the end.
    Johnny, could you get something like this posted on the main blog page?
    The date is May 26 and the race starts at 9am (runners register starting at 8).