Wednesday, September 30, 2009

thursday night ride

Steve, James, Charles, and I rode the upcoming Southern Cross course, discussed race options and strategies. The 3k lap hits the hill 3 times and has a lot of the same killer awesomeness as before, only this year I've added a little more killer and a lot more awesome.
Stompin Tom came by to show us his new road bike. It's a sweet garage sale find that BAC made purr like a kitten. Tom led a town road ride and showed off his newfound speed.

Toms new ride and my goofy, awesome girl Kate

Southern Cross is a comin'

Thursday Night Ride is on...

Same place, same time. JS

Monday, September 28, 2009

Menno Cross 2009 pictures

The Menno Cross was a great race. Here's some more pictures of the "kids of ABES" and the rest of us that couldn't quite match Johnny's lightning speed. -Charles

More video of the B race here.

Wednesday night cross lab

Check out this sweet Menno Cross video. Darryl NB did a great job putting the video together. He also did a great job of riding the race on his fixed bike.

If anybody wants to get ready for Southern Cross, meet at my place at 6:45 on Wednesday night. We'll zip around the park until it gets dark. Time to get used to biking, running, jumping, and hurting. JS

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Menno Cross review

I had an awesome time at Menno Cross. Chris and the FGBC crew created a fun, grassy, flowy, tenty, bunkery, course that noodled around the CMU north campus. There were a lot of people and a lot of racers. The weather was perfect. Jeff, Charles, Ben and I were the ABES reps. I'll let them add their own comments/pictures. Mia rode her first bike race and had a great time. It made me very happy/proud. FGBC knows how to put on a good time and this was no exception. Updated race results found here.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday night ride report

David, Lorne, Duke, Curt F, Curt T, Mike, Derrick, James, Dan and I made up our motley crew for the Thursday night ride. James took the first shift of follow the leader and took us on a quick pace through town and into the darkness of the countryside. Anybody who thought things would slow down when Shawn took the second shift clearly don’t know what pace he’s capable of riding. Shawn took the opportunity to lead as a challenge to prove he can ride extra fast. We all chased him as best we could, some kept up, and some won the race to the clubhouse. Duke had some bike issues - it took him three bikes to make it to the end of the ride.
Paul B and Steve joined us at the clubhouse. The karaoke gave us all the reason we needed to enjoy our drinks outside. The Southern Cross course was revealed, winter riding tips were shared, and BS was at its usual rampant levels. At the cross lab, Charles agreed to construct two barriers (materials donated by Canadian Lumber) for Southern Cross. Thanks Charles. Paul is leaving this Sunday on his European trip. One of his plans is to walk the pilgrimage to Santiago. Paul’s walk is more of a mosey and his plan is more of a possibility, and it’s not so much of a pilgrimage in the holy sense as it is a chance to talk to the ladies. Happy trails Paul.

Curt F shows off his polka dot jersey

Lorne shows off the 1" travel on his shock. Heavy, yet ineffective.

Shawn's pre-ride warm up

Nobody's buying what Swatters selling

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday night ride

Same ABES place, same ABES time.

Last night, Charles, Dan, Steve and I ripped around the park for a sweet little cross lab. Charles had the only wipe out when he tried to catwalk and ended up on his A. Steve is loving his skinny tires and Dan is scared of falling on his hip again (put on some knobby tires). Charles and I are confirmed for Menno Cross. Any other takers? JS

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Monopoly race goes of without a hitch...almost.

Fair weather, and a great turnout made for an excellent evening of racing ABES, ABE's, ABE, ABE'S, style. Looking beyond the wishy washy start time, some clever misdirection by the race coordinator, and a pseudo controversial finish, some might call it a complete success. Thanks to all racers, proper regards to Scheisse and Gord H. for ablely manning their stations, and special thanks to the bar for having drinks available, as well as the chick with the cupcakes.


Johnny - 34:00
Dave - 34:20
Steve & Lorne - 40:00
Shawn & Jeff - 40:20
James - 44:00
Paul - 47:20
Gavin - 49:00
Myron & Charles - 53:00


Dave - 34:50 (the Champion)
Johnny - 35:00
Steve & Lorne - 40:00
Shawn & Jeff - 40:50
James - 44:00
Paul - 48:50
Gavin - 50:30
Myron & Charles - 54:30*

* Winners of the 2nd prize in a beauty contest, and henceforth known to me as the "pretty boys"


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm not getting mad, I'm getting cross

Anybody interested in a mid-week cross-check? I want to get into the cyclocross frame of mind and boot around the park terrain. A little follow the leader, barrier hopping, sand pit goodness, grass, hill climibing, and fun. Meet at my place on Wednesday at 7:00 for a quick ride. I need to be back by 8:00'ish to spank my kids to sleep. JS

Monday, September 21, 2009

Shall we gather at the race course. The muddy, grassy, hilly, silly race course.

Its time for the Alter Call brothers and sisters…its time to stand up, step forward and say "I commit this Saturday afternoon to Cross!" You're life will never be the same. Take up Cross and join me in the seemingly eternal race. I'll be there and I could use some ABES to join me. Registration is cheap like borscht, no MCA membership required, and you'll be surrounded by a gaggle of shifty mennos. JS

cycling games

"If, the next time JS corners you and makes demands upon your person and time to devise, design, & execute an upcoming AlleyCat, you may now answer "Aye Aye Cap'n" with confidence and bravado, for you now have the vast resources of "cyclingboardgames" at your fingertips!

Perhaps we could work our way through these over the next 12 years?"



Saturday, September 19, 2009

Guess who.

Cindy H made this beautiful and delicious cake for a certain ABES member. We passed the collection plate and raised enough for a new Chariot for the expecting couple. Good luck - suckers. JS

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Race is almost ready. $5 entry fee as per usual. Pen or pencil is needed, paper is not a must have. Post race festivities at my place.


BAC - Riding Mountain

Riding Mountain was a fantastic time! I really miss not being able to go to James' ride in Tinker Creek since it's at the same time, but I am hooked for next year again.

I used Curt's rocket, Jamis Xenith Comp, which has about the finest equipment possible. This ride was from Dauphin to Clear Lake and back, ridden in 2 days, 70 kms each way.

The first day is way more uphill. Drafting was incredible. Especially when I found myself wondering how to deal with the etiquette of a little snot nose that passed me. My first mistake was casually yelling, "Hey, thanks for picking me up". Which was quickly followed by watching his right hand flinch a few times on his shifter. Little bugger, I wasn't going to let him lose me.
After a few minutes, I figured I should be the gentleman and ask him if he needs a break. Big smile he gave me...I looked back a minute later and he was gone. Yeeah!
I played with the shop Fixie on the way back on Sunday. Going downhill fast is not smart...actually stupid comes to mind.

The whole team made it back and forth and as you can see by the picture, all smiles.

In my wisdom (not very much), I will wipe the noses of some more kids next year.

Bruce Penner

Just like the Co-ops

Back Alley Cycle has a new program at the shop that's worth noting. For an annual fee of 10 bucks, you can use their newfangled tools to fix yer bike. This community (bike) clubhouse is similar to Winnipeg's…
Thanks to the boys at BAC, I can finally use the proper tools to break my bike. JS

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Southern Cross is brought to you by...

Back Alley Cycle has attained Platinum level sponsorship for Southern
Cross by covering the insurance fee. This ensures the race is
available for everybody who likes to give'r. Southern Cross is all
about the B race. Thanks boys!
Local favorite, Pioneer Meat is also a Platinum level sponsor by
feeding the racers with sausage patties made from freshly ground
farmers. Hoorah!
Those Penner boys are slowly starting to rule this town.
Mayor Mel Klassen has also agreed to be our celebrity cook. He'll be
flipping burgers - ABES style!

Southern Cross would not be possible without these fine folks.
Thank you thank you thank you. JS

Monday, September 14, 2009

P & G

On Labour Day the father and daughter team of Paul and Genevieve embarked on a 90 km ride from Neubergthal to St. Pierre. With the generous help of a good South wind (up the 75, and then up the 200) they managed to complete the trip in 2 hours and 48 minutes, averaging 32 kms/hr, reaching a peak speed of 52 kms/hr on the 75, and passing a combine just before reaching Morris (What a shitty town to ride through! Ouch.)

Mud, sweat and gears

There is an upcoming race in Winnipeg that has ABES written all over it. Its open to all, takes place at CMU and is put on by our brethren at the FGBC. The race will be awesome. Challenging, hard, awesome. If you only do one cyclocross race this year it should be Southern Cross. If you do two races , it should be Menno Cross. JS

ITASCATUR "Headwaters 100"

On Labour Day the father and daughter team of Paul and Genevieve embarked on a 90 km ride from Neubergthal to St. Pierre. With the generous help of a good South wind (up the 75, and then up the 200) they managed to complete the trip in 2 hours and 48 minutes, averaging 32 kms/hr, reaching a peak speed of 52 kms/hr on the 75, and passing a combine just before reaching Morris (What a shitty town to ride through! Ouch.)

ITASCATUR "Headwaters 100"
Interested in riding a picturesque 100 miles in Minnesota next Saturday? I'm seriously considering heading down to Park River, MN early Saturday to make the 9 AM start. The ride, though long, is leisurely. If anyone's interested, that would help me make up my mind. The entrance fee includes a t-shirt and refreshments along the way. A group of MIT guys will be down there riding too. (They are driving out Friday night.) Here's the link:


Friday, September 11, 2009

thursday night ride report

The weather was threatening, the lightning was flashing, but it was Thursday night and the following ABES would not be deterred: Dswat, Duke, Tom, Charles, Johnny, Lorne, Steve, Mark, and Curt T. The ride itself was awesome. Charles took the lead and pulled out with a zippy pace. Most of us followed along. Some opted for a more delicate pace. We mostly rode the perimeter of town, hit the hill a couple of times and made a very deluxe detour into the country where the sheet lightning was firing off in the distance. We made it to the clubhouse unscathed and it wasn’t long before we heard the rain, hail and thunder. No worries though, we were dry, had good company and were in the warm embrace of beer, pizza and chips.
I was test riding a new Norco CCX bike from the farm service. It’s a bit big but very tempting.
Questions were answered. Altona Bike Enthusiast Society. ABES. Paul DB K came to the headquarters early to drop off his alley cat spoke cards (napkins) and peddle home to the barn. Paul had just coached his high school boys soccer team to its first league victory. Tom booked the 17th for the September alley cat. It will be a 7:00 start and we’ll meet at his new pad. Race details are anticipated.
Good times. JS

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thursday Night Ride

See you dudes at my place for a peddle around town.
Will Paul DB K will have our spoke cards? Will Tom have a date
confirmed for the September Alleycat? Is anybody interested in
paintball? Who can help at the Southern Cross race? Will 30%
discounts at B.A.C. sway anybody to buy a new bike? How many bikes is
enough? What is our name anyway? So many questions. JS

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paintball excursion

On your mark, get set, fire!

The dudes who were firing paint balls at us at the O Canada race have invited all ABE's for an afternoon of paintball fun. for $50 they will supply everything we need (paintballs, guns, masks, and O2 cartridges) and lead us in a full afternoon of games and frivolity. The fun will take place this Sunday (Sunday, Sunday) afternoon. We'll head down to some private land at the red river and play cops and robbers. I've never tried this before but am looking forward to running and gunning. Please RSVP if you would like to come (they need to arrange equipment for us). JS

Friday, September 4, 2009

thursday night ride report

the numbers were good.

how many. who knows.

Johnny. Duker. Lorne. Mark. Shaun. Tom. James. Steve. Paul B. Charles. Colin (welcome). Albert. D-swat.

The ride was rideable. The friendships gained were immeasureable.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I assume Jesus would ride a fixie.

Thursday night ride - My place at 9:00.