Friday, September 4, 2009

thursday night ride report

the numbers were good.

how many. who knows.

Johnny. Duker. Lorne. Mark. Shaun. Tom. James. Steve. Paul B. Charles. Colin (welcome). Albert. D-swat.

The ride was rideable. The friendships gained were immeasureable.


  1. What happened to the apostrophe? There used to be one enthusiast who had a society. That made sense to me. Now there are many who constitute a society together? I'm so confused.

  2. I'm trying to make everyone a bike enthusiast.
    If they're good at counting is yet another issue. The late night post may have been a factor for Swatter.
    I struggle with spelling and grammar (to name two of a long and varied list of personal deficiencies).

    Best success story of the night: Shawn has lost 20 pounds since he started riding bike regularly (in June), and now has the capacity to smoke more cigarettes, eat more bacon and perogies, and he feels better. That guy is living the life. Bike more = eat more (and smoke more). Atta boy Shawn.

  3. I believe there should be an apostrophe if the club name is spelled out in full. In the abbreviated form, no apostrophe is necessary.

    Where you place the apostrophe in the full name is dependent on the the answer to Dr. H's question above regarding how the society is defined.

    As is often the case, simple is better. We at RRR just need to hit one key three times. How easy is that?

    More bacon and perogies!

  4. Sorry KK. No apostrophe. The apostrophe denotes singular ownership or possession of a thing, in this case an ABE. And no one owns an ABE.

    We ARE ABEs. We are many. We are legion. But we are not owned (though we may be possessed on occasion).


  5. Apostrophe school:

    When an ABE rides a sweet fixie, that fixie would be that ABE's fixie, as in: "Wow, that sweet fixie is an ABE's fixie. ... Cool!"
    The apostrophe here indicates the singular possession of the sweet fixie bike by an ABE.

    When the ABEs ride around town all bedecked in their new jerseys (oh let it be soon, they all said as one), and some passerby notes the sweetness of the look, she might say: "Is that the ABEs' jersey and logo? Those ABEs have a sweet jersey, especially the logo. Who designed that bitchin' thing?"
    The apostrophes here indicate, first,
    the group's (more than one) possession of the jersey design and logo, and, second,
    the omission of the letter "g" which is such a square letter that no one really wants to pronounce it anyway, so they just drop it completely and put the apostrophe there to indicate that they're not stoopid, they KNOW that they're droppin' the damn thin' 'cause it's so damn cool to drop shit these days, wha'!?

    I could say more. But I won't. Sighs of relief all around. Let school begin!


  6. so...13 was right?


  7. I struggle with NOTHING Johnny!

    (except losing 20 pds. and smoking more.)

  8. and another thing...

    Isn't the name "Altona Bicycle Enthusiasts Society"? Why the faulty header on our webpage? Maybe I'll just blame Gavin. He never shows up anyways...