Sunday, February 28, 2010


That's right gentlemen...we're racing 'round the Sawatzky short track before it disappears!

So head South to the Village this Thursday and we'll do a little racing. Then a short cruise back in what they say will be beautiful weather before adjourning to the closing ceremonies.

9 PM
Altona Village
D. Sawatzky's place

be there

Saturday, February 27, 2010


In anticipation of next weekends AWBF we bring you...more info to come.

Date: Thursday March 4th
Time: 9 PM
Place: TBD
Event details: TBD

Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday night ride report

Charles, Curt, James, Curt, Giles, and Lorne made it to the headquarters. They rode. There were tales of hill climbing - Lorne claims to have made it 6 times. My knee scope went well and I was self medicating at the clubhouse where we were also joined by Tom, Evan, Paul and Duke. BIG congratulations go to Curt on his engagement and Giles (and Melissa) on their newborn daughter Willow. Great news.
Thanks to all the ABES volunteers that have stepped up to help with the AWBF. Right on. JS

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AWBF anticipation

The poster...

The other part of the poster...

The Super-Happy-Fun Group Ride route..

and Urban Velo sent us some magazines to dole out.

Sweet. JS

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thursday Night Ride

The ride is on. Feel free to meet at the ABES headquarters for some fair weather riding. I'll be the whiner, limping around looking for pity. I'm out for the ride but (hopefully) will meet you at the clubhouse.

Still waiting for the throng of volunteers for the AWBF, so the sooner you reply the better your chances of not getting kicked in the A by the A kicker.

PS - I'm also looking for a surly volunteer with steel toed boots who likes to kick.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sloth video

Nice video by Tom K of the Sloth Cross - 24 Hours of this and that...

I finished with 6 riding laps and 4 movie laps. Middle of the pack. JS

Thursday night ride report

David, Evan, Gavin, Ben, Charles and I were the ABES bikers for the night. Evan learned that nobody shows up 15 minutes early for an ABES ride. He also had the misfortune of riding all night with his brakes on. Tough break - he did seem a little sluggish. Other highlights/lowlights included riding through the hockey nets, hill climbs that were climbable, Lorne crashing and Paul B showing up for his “regular” drink. Conversations included the Olympics, stupid knee surgeries, The AWBF, the mens bonspiel and the awesomeness of Barbados – good times.

Evan scores

David driving with the net stuck on his hump

Lowered seat score

Gavin sidesaddles the smaller net to no avail

Pre ride


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thursday night ride

Bike for life.

Riding bike is fun. We should try it again. Say, Thursday? My place at 9:00? Lets see how it goes. It's usually awesome. I'll see you spandex queens then. JS

Monday, February 15, 2010


Myron put this poster together to announce the upcoming festival. I assume the alleycat race will explain the skeleton wearing gitch. All part of Dukes master plan. JS

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday night ride report

I thought last weeks ride was outstanding but this week’s ride was even better. We started by riding to the hill for some feeble hill climb attempts; it was not a climbable hill but valiant attempts were made. Even riding downhill was sketchy. The knockdown contests were treacherous on sheen ice. James was knocked down several times by the phantom rider and he needed to make some on ice (and at home) bike adjustments to his extremely taut chain. David S made my day when he announced he had a surprise time trial race organized. He had snowploughed a sweet track around his yard. Two laps that were hard to ride clean and sent some (me) off the bike and into crash friendly drifts. Shaun won the bronze, anD took the silver (and some rum) and I got the gold (and a chocolate bar). The prizing allotment was indeed askew. David also proved that he is top-notch by offering a round of delightful Barbados rum punch. Lorne pulled the best trick of the night with his 180 spin on the road in which he managed to keep vertical. That guy’s nimble like a cat. David (who’s qualities do not include being nimble) fell in front of oncoming traffic on the way to the ABES headquarters for the second week in a row. Other ABES on the ride included Jeff, Charles, Paul, and newbie Evan. Welcome to ABES Evan. Duke joined us at the clubhouse where discussion included the Dyck boys upcoming alleycat race, the real Miss (Jane) Moneypenny, chips, magic tricks, ear candling, acedia, and music. Our server provided free pizza. It was a very good time. JS

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thursday night ride

Those magnificent men on their flying machines

Group ride - check.
Cold temps - check.
Get your A off the couch - check.
Post ride relaxing on your A and drinking some B - double check.

If anybody wants to join me for the FGBC Sloth Cross race this weekend let me know. The 24 hour "race" includes riding as much bike as you want, non-stop bike movies, a Salisbury House breakfast lap and you get to hang out with some excellent dudes. I can't wait. JS

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The ABES Winter Bike Festival

This could be our finest winter bike festival yet. There are a bunch of activities and people can ride as little or as much as they want. Weather has changed the event every year and the start times are flexible, but here's how it might play out.

The Day…
Super-Happy-Fun Group Ride – a moderately paced ride on paths, roads, alleys, parks, rinks, and under a giant easel, you know, ABES style. Expect a knockdown contest or two for good measure. 2:00

Alley Cat Race – it’s a scavenger hunt on bike. Ride solo or make your own team. Clues will be out-of-towner friendly. ABES Alley Cat Race Coordinator of the Year, Myron Dyck is sure to make this race memorable; It’s kinda what he does. 3:30

Roller Races – Woodcock cycles will provide the bikes and the technology for head to head indoor sprinting action. 4:30

Potluck Supper. Rink dogs will be supplied and lovingly boiled to perfection by Sawatzky and Sons Electric. 5:30

Slow Race – are you tired of being the slowest of the slow? Now it’s a good thing. Be the last to cross the finish line in this fun test of balance. 7:00

Duke V North Carolina basketball game - Duke is still looking for their first bike festival win. This could be the year. 8:00

The Details…
Saturday, March 6
The Exchange - 116 Main Street, Altona
Registration/coffee begins at 1:30
$5 per person or $10 per family
Bring a salad, dessert or chips to share at the potluck supper
Coffee and hot chocolate provided
Wii available - BYOG


Friday, February 5, 2010

Check out this crazy awesome dude

Into the Void - Johnny Devlin from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Thursday night ride report

It was a superb night of riding, possibly the best ride of the year. The Super-Happy-Fun route delivered on all accounts. The weather was mild, the roads, lanes and trails were cleared, and the hill climbs and knockdowns are always a good time. Gavin had the best crash of the night skidding down the hill, pulling a 180 and almost avoiding the spill – almost. Lorne enjoyed his first ever knockdown contests and David made it just in time to meet us at Grumpy’s (apparently he crashed too). Other ABES riders included Charles, Shaun, Paul B, Lorne, Bruce, DAN and me. Clubhouse conversations included the upcoming winter bike festival, Paul’s folk tour experience, the 24 hour race in summer, southern cross grand prix, the delightfulness of Barbados, work, family, wiener kids, etcetera. Lorne, David and I shut down the clubhouse. Lorne said he had trouble buttoning his zipper. No doubt. JS

Lorne gets the lowdown of the footdown

Paul "super cool" B

Charles and Shaun playing on the hill

Gavin making it look easy

Insert your own caption here

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday night

The ride is on. We'll test ride the ABES Winter Bike Festivals Super-Happy-Fun Group Ride route. This years festival is brimming with bike fun and promises to be the best one yet (once). The festival is open to all and will rock on Saturday, March 6. More details coming soon. JS

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Introducing the TLC of TCC

James Friesen and his band of merry men at Tinker Creek (south of Morden) have relaunched their website for Tinker Creek Cycle. James has a deluxe bike shop at his house tucked away in the woods. He sells Rocky Mountain bikes and does bike repairs. TCC plan races, have weekly group rides, build and maintain some of the best singletrack trails in Manitoba, and enjoy the blessings of the bike. JS