Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday night ride report

I thought last weeks ride was outstanding but this week’s ride was even better. We started by riding to the hill for some feeble hill climb attempts; it was not a climbable hill but valiant attempts were made. Even riding downhill was sketchy. The knockdown contests were treacherous on sheen ice. James was knocked down several times by the phantom rider and he needed to make some on ice (and at home) bike adjustments to his extremely taut chain. David S made my day when he announced he had a surprise time trial race organized. He had snowploughed a sweet track around his yard. Two laps that were hard to ride clean and sent some (me) off the bike and into crash friendly drifts. Shaun won the bronze, anD took the silver (and some rum) and I got the gold (and a chocolate bar). The prizing allotment was indeed askew. David also proved that he is top-notch by offering a round of delightful Barbados rum punch. Lorne pulled the best trick of the night with his 180 spin on the road in which he managed to keep vertical. That guy’s nimble like a cat. David (who’s qualities do not include being nimble) fell in front of oncoming traffic on the way to the ABES headquarters for the second week in a row. Other ABES on the ride included Jeff, Charles, Paul, and newbie Evan. Welcome to ABES Evan. Duke joined us at the clubhouse where discussion included the Dyck boys upcoming alleycat race, the real Miss (Jane) Moneypenny, chips, magic tricks, ear candling, acedia, and music. Our server provided free pizza. It was a very good time. JS

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