Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday night ride report

It was a superb night of riding, possibly the best ride of the year. The Super-Happy-Fun route delivered on all accounts. The weather was mild, the roads, lanes and trails were cleared, and the hill climbs and knockdowns are always a good time. Gavin had the best crash of the night skidding down the hill, pulling a 180 and almost avoiding the spill – almost. Lorne enjoyed his first ever knockdown contests and David made it just in time to meet us at Grumpy’s (apparently he crashed too). Other ABES riders included Charles, Shaun, Paul B, Lorne, Bruce, DAN and me. Clubhouse conversations included the upcoming winter bike festival, Paul’s folk tour experience, the 24 hour race in summer, southern cross grand prix, the delightfulness of Barbados, work, family, wiener kids, etcetera. Lorne, David and I shut down the clubhouse. Lorne said he had trouble buttoning his zipper. No doubt. JS

Lorne gets the lowdown of the footdown

Paul "super cool" B

Charles and Shaun playing on the hill

Gavin making it look easy

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  1. Hey I was there too. I guess I wasn't all the visable in my glowing orange and yellow.