Friday, March 30, 2012

ThNR Report

James, David, Curt, Derek, Albert, Myron, Shaun and I rode around town.  David had a flat, Duke floated in and out of the group, and we had trouble staying out of traffic - a clumsy ride overall.  When we arrived at the clubhouse where we were greeted by perennial good guy Jonny g and perennially chilly Paul B.  Minutes include: being a fairweather V seasonal cyclist, bad press in Altona, neckerchiefs, Hymn Sing and The Western Hour, Earl Scruggs died, David was in fine form and ranted about local kids baseball and hockey, Maroons are SEMHL champs, skate park theories, passing out on the railway tracks, tattoo nipples, the youtube, the new colplay app - para, para, para paraphrase, Jets?, go Bombers, Top 5 Rolling Stone songs - David always goes for the high notes - ANGIE!, Paul rocked the Ting Tongs on the jukebox, The Fighting Amish win rec league and David continues his rant, awesome INXS Kick memories, sucking balls in Mexico, and Empire State of Mind.  Good times.  JS

James donning his first pair of bike shoes and is enjoying climbing the hill.  
Curt is pimped in Back Alley blue

g adjusting his wig

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Night ride

Same time, same place.  Hopefully the rains will cease.  But rain or shine the ride will be on.  And rumor has it we'll have a guest rider tonight.  Rumor also has it that this person is super sexy.  An ass that won't quit, rumor said.  But that's rumor for you.

Friday, March 23, 2012

ThNTT Report

The Spring Time Trials were held with more incidents than usual: Bruce skidded out turning in front of a car, jumped up, appreciatingly waved for not being run over, and raced away, David and Gavin both suffered flat tires, Myron finished with the exact same time as last year, Shaun impressed us all taking the bronze while wearing combat boots, army pants and riding knobby tires, good guy Tom stopped and retrieved my bike light (thanks), Dan won the single speed competition (and did not fall at any point in the race – good for you Dan), Derek forgot where to race, and Bruiser arrived lubricated and lazy and was nice enough to be the official timekeeper (thanks Steve).  This year, racers needed to finish a beer before their race time was finalized.  The finishing times were…

1 - Johnny – 31:28
2 - Bruce – 34:24
3 - Shaun – 34:42
4 - Mike – 36:00
5 - Albert – 37:02
6 - Curt – 37:41
7 - Tom – 38:33
8 - Myron – 40:40
9 - Phil – 40:46
10 - Ike – 42:54
11 - Dan – 44:39
David – DNF – flat tire
Gavin – DNF – flat tire
Derek – DNF – lost
James joined us at the clubhouse after his team won the B-side runner-up trophy for mens curling.  Minutes include: Duke sold his Devinci, Dan has biked over 1000 km’s this year, Race tips from Deanner – just give’r, Steve is selling his Harley, Bruce booked a 16’x7’ bike/gear trailer for the 2012 Road Trip, a best-chip debate started to get nasty, Bruce has a big new unicycle and what appeared to be half a mustache, and it was agreed by all that bacon is goood.  Good times.  JS

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vitamin R

I’ve been told that people have been meaning to organizing a race.  When they say this they usually avert their eyes and look for their dignity on the floor.  That’s OK - sometimes ideas need to properly incubate before they’re ready to hatch.  This void has not gone without its consequences - people are getting itchy to race.  So before this itch turns into a rash that turns into sleepless nights that turns into doing tricks for a hit of crack cocaine, we’ll race.  This week's ThNR will be the ABES Spring Time Trials v.3.0 – two big laps around town.  The finish line is at the bottom of a beer at the clubhouse.  Giddy-up.

See you Thursday at 9.  JS

Saturday, March 17, 2012

ThNR Report

Tom, Steve, W, Albert, Chaz, Curt, Gavin, Steven, and I enjoyed an ice-free ride around Rocktona.  Tom was on his 29'er and working harder than anybody else, Paul rode his new Redline cross bike and was rolling like a pimp, and Curt finished off the ride by allowing us to try his new bike - a 48" penny farthing.  It was hard not to smile test riding it (and wish you had a bowler hat, tweed suit and waxed moustache).  We retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Ike, Giles and Paul B.  Minutes included: John Prine writes songs like he's 200 years old, Curt suggested pioneer meat logo placement, Steve reminisced about tumblers of Moose Lake scotch, Steven shared his unpopular and reasonable views on Altona's spring cleaning, awkward conversations, David is away at a 3 day pool skimming conference, Kony V Kona, Winter Bike Festivus is cancelled due to lack of rollers and winter, Paul B is looking into living in an ice fishing shack this summer, pickled beets/kryptonite, pre-ride naps, shooting ticks with rifles, and butter churning injuries.  Good times.  JS

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Same place and time.  See you then.

Start wrapping your head around this plan, maaan...Saturday Morning Brunch Ride.  Gather at 9am and we'll cycle to Plum Coulee for some delicious homemade fixins at Annajo's Bistro.  We'll go via Rosetown and head back on the 201.  Let me know if you dig it.  

In addition to the sausage casings, I'll also put in another order for ABES jerseys if anybody missed out on the first round of beautification.

Monday, March 12, 2012

ABES Sausage Casing

Details about theses beauties here.
Who's in?

Friday, March 9, 2012

ThNR Report

Bored + new razor = beware
Cousin Thomas was joined by James, David, Ike, Curt, Duke, Mike, Shaun and myself for a little spinny spin around town.  Thomas must have been sharing his racing secrets to David and Duke as they easily topped the podium in the race to the clubhouse, beating the rest of the field by 30 minutes - impressive.  Curt was thrown off his bike twice as he tried to ride through drifts and Mike had issues with his shoelace wrapping around his pedal; otherwise a lovely ride with a fun tear down the North path.  The clubhouse minutes were minimal as we were all watching the Jets do their best to prevent riots in Vancouver.  Items I did note included: all my questions end in “errr...”, women getting gang-ogled, and saying the word cuss instead of actully cursing – cuss you!  Good times. 
The tentative date for the ABES Winter Bike Festivus is Saturday, March 31.  Details will be confirmed.  Save the date and get ready for more good times already yet one time.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Sometimes you eat the bar.
and sometimes the bar eats you

I am happy to announce that 24 Hours of Bill Murray champion, Cousin Thomas is joining us for the Thursday Night Ride.  Hopefully he will shed some light on his unorthodox training regiment, race tactics and fashion stylings that took him to the top of the podium.  Don’t miss this once-in-a-several-months opportunity.  9 at my place.  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thursday Night Report - late edition

ABES were ready for a snowy ride.  James, Ben, Charles, Ike, Shaun, Jeff, Paul W, Steven, Tom, Duke, Albert, Curt, and I enjoyed a whisper quiet ride while big, wet flakes covered our fair town.  The snow, and our knockdowns did cause issues as some were crashing in spectacular fashion, especially Curt who found his way into a drift and came away looking like the Snuggles bear.  I crashed on the road but it was my favorite kind, one where you land on your feet running.  We also seperated the men from the mice crossing several snow covered soccer fields in a slog-fest that left most ready for hydration.  It was an odd night at the clubhouse where the music level was moderate, the tunes were unusual by Grumpy’s standards and there was not a salty kernel in sight.  They were still serving refreshments so it was all good.  Minutes include:  firing roman candles from a car, David was not present – Steven assumed he was practicing his fighting skills – aka - turtling, Myron shared hitchhiking stories that included a stolen truck, hitting churches up for gas money, 324-DUKE, and thumbing it from Manitoba to California to go for a swim, Road Trip meeting, building rockets and flying helicoptors, Jared bought a new cross bike, buying dynamite from MCC, Canadian cross-country ski legends, ABES Winter Bike Festivus is on – date to be determined, Charles has thought about organizing an alleycat race (insert slow, sarcastic applause here), redneck triathlons, the old/current Bomber stadium is a health hazard, and the Jets win with the flying W!  Good times.