Friday, March 30, 2012

ThNR Report

James, David, Curt, Derek, Albert, Myron, Shaun and I rode around town.  David had a flat, Duke floated in and out of the group, and we had trouble staying out of traffic - a clumsy ride overall.  When we arrived at the clubhouse where we were greeted by perennial good guy Jonny g and perennially chilly Paul B.  Minutes include: being a fairweather V seasonal cyclist, bad press in Altona, neckerchiefs, Hymn Sing and The Western Hour, Earl Scruggs died, David was in fine form and ranted about local kids baseball and hockey, Maroons are SEMHL champs, skate park theories, passing out on the railway tracks, tattoo nipples, the youtube, the new colplay app - para, para, para paraphrase, Jets?, go Bombers, Top 5 Rolling Stone songs - David always goes for the high notes - ANGIE!, Paul rocked the Ting Tongs on the jukebox, The Fighting Amish win rec league and David continues his rant, awesome INXS Kick memories, sucking balls in Mexico, and Empire State of Mind.  Good times.  JS

James donning his first pair of bike shoes and is enjoying climbing the hill.  
Curt is pimped in Back Alley blue

g adjusting his wig

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