Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2011 AGP

The party (AGP) gets started Thursday.


If it's not raining we'll race around the oval and have a Last Man Out race and a one mile TT.  It would be good to do the races while we still have sunlight so please don't dawdle and arrive by 8:00.  If it is raining we'll race the Town Time Trials V1.2.  Or, if you don't like being told what to do, take your time to show up or whatever.  JS

Sunday, August 28, 2011


That's right ABES! September will mark a new era in Altona cycle racing. The newly minted ABES Grand Prix is ready to roll! September has blessed us with five glorious Thursdays for riding and we've decided to celebrate it with five glorious races. Points will be awarded for each race and after the month ends the 2011 Grand prix champion will be crowned.

Sound daunting? It won't be. Five races comprise the schedule but points will be awarded for each and only a racer's top four finishes will be counted towards their final tally. So even if you have to miss one along the way you still have a chance. Points will be awarded for each race as follows...

1st - 25
2nd - 22
3rd - 20
4th - 18
5th - 16
6th - 14
7th - 12
8th - 10
9th - 8
10th - 6
11th and below - 4points

So even if one race isn't your strong point the next one might be. the race lineup? As diverse as we are. Here' the tentative (subject to change) lineup... Sep. 1st - oval track time trials Sep. 8th - TBD Sep. 15 - The Parks and Rec-Tacular Alleycat Sep. 22 - TBD Sep. 29 - TBD

Some of the races proposed to fill out the lineup - Town time trial, Tour to Rhineland road race, Morden hill climb challenge, short race spectacular (slow race, knockdown, Mosquito Pond hill climb challenge). Any other bright ideas? We'd love to hear your suggestions and we'll definitely discuss them at this Thursday's post racing meeting.
So we'll see you this week at 8 o'clock sharp at the oval track!

Thursday Night Ride Report

I missed the ThNR report to cheer on Cheryl and the Living Legends as they claimed the Monday - B division, B side co-championships in ultimate. Go Legends! The Thursday ride was pretty sweet - good pace, harassing a moped rider, and lots of ABES to enjoy a beautiful night. Minutes at the clubhouse are a little sketchy and all I really remember is DSwat needed to google waffles when he was in Fargo and got an alarming result. "Dude, that chick just gave me a sweet fargo waffle." Good times. Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Ride - meet at my place at 6:00 and we'll need to leave by 6:15. The lake minnewasta trails are always fun. Should we go again? Post a comment if you're coming and are willing or need a ride.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thursday Night Ride

My place at 8. Be there or go suck an egg.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Moose Lake Ride 2011

Bruce, as always, hosted another stellar road ride to Moose Lake.  The air was crisp and the Back Alley coffee was fresh.  The crew was made up of Bruce, Curt T, Mike, Ben, Dwight, Shaun, Steve B, Albert, Jeff, and myself.    The promise of a nice easy 28km/h group ride was quickly dashed as we eagerly took off and struggled to do anything slower than 32.  The wind and weather was perfect.  The Flat tire demons were kept at bay and we rode smooth throughout, perfecting our Tour de France group drafting.  We stopped at Vida for Breakfast and enjoyed the good eats.  Shaun sampled the schnitzel and we were welcomed with German hospitality.  We pushed on, having a Pepsi and Ravel break at Dots general store in Sundown.  Paying the price for our fast paced 1st and 2nd leg, Ben and Dwight decided to run a slightly less aggressive pace as we raced for our next stop at South Junction where we gobbled up their last remaining 4 pieces of cherry pie.  10 riders, 4 pieces of do the math.  It's a good thing that our "society" is so civilized.
We had a nice hard pull as the wind and the road and "Mike the tractor" allowed us to do a good stretch at 41 km/h.  As we got closer to Moose lake, it was every man for himself, as the group spread out.  Mike and Curt took the lead, Shaun, Jeff, Bruce and myself took the B group as Albert and Steve, and Ben and Dwight pulled the C and D.  190km with an average speed of 31km/h.  Not a bad day of riding.
Steak BBQ at the end was great, Tammy's cheesecake was superb, as was the Penner hospitality.  After a hard day, we partied late until 10:30 when we all crashed.

Thanks a lot for another great ride, Bruce!


Dis n Dat

Dan K reports...I was out cruising the town Sunday evening and found a Cateye Strada CC-RD100 on the ground.  It was by Wiebe's Funeral Home.  Contact Dan to claim your toy. 

How do you feel Summer's Eve fresh?  DB knows.  His report can be found here.

If someone could submit a Moose Lake Road Ride report with some pictures, that would great, m'kay?

I'm out for any Tuesday ride.  If anybody has a bright idear, post it, like a boss.

Friday, August 19, 2011

ThNR Report

Paul, Duke, James, Steve, Phil, Derrick, Curt, Mike, Evan and I enjoyed a ride around town.  We attempted a couple of hill climbs, rode to the usual corners of town, and looked for W, Shaun and Ben.  Curt nearly missed hitting a kid on a bike, Derrick nearly missed hitting a street sign, and Steve nearly missed hitting the hood of a Honda.  We were joined at the clubdhouse by Ben, and Dswat where the minutes included: Dark Cross – an upcoming cyclocross race that is sure to be the best partyĆ©bike race in the history of Manitoba, is now open to all non MCA racers.  This race is going to be epic – beer tent, live music, and racing at, on and around the Winnipeg Speedway at night and under the lights – the standard for wicked awesome races will soon be bumped waaay up. Clear your calendars now because you do NOT want to miss this one.  Also discussed: tandem cross, the ABES Grand Prix coming in September, the new Conan, Dark Cross (BK), the Altona Farm Service - the best store I`ve ever been in, the Cross Pact (Duke, Tom, James and Jules all took an oath to race Southern Cross this year), Tom displayed his ninja-like reflexes to save two sips of beer, hail damage dillemas, porn in the park, Dark Cross (DS), recording music on tapes, watching a movie 7 minutes at a time, The Western Hour tv show, bags of burnt Old Dutch chips, Pete`s Dragon, the Sawatzky Poker Tournament, and the new Jets logo.  The music was suddently turned up to 11 and our meeting was over.

Mike explains the new bar-tape fad

James without his reflective vest 
Welcome back to ABES Phil
Struggling up the hill?
Red sky at night - sailors take fright? 
The fashionistas MASH outfit.
Good times.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Upcoming Events

Thursday Night Ride - 8:00 - my place.

ALSO, the Altona to Moose Lake Road Ride...

Bruce reports...

Ok.  Right now, I have Charles, Ben, Curt T, Mike, Albert, Dwight Neufeld and myself for sure.  There still might be a couple more...Shaun, Paul, Evan?

Some of you have mentioned spouses are coming.  Let me know so I can make sure there's a steak for them too.

We'll leave this Saturday at 7:00 am.  This way we don't have to bring all the lighting systems for that first hour.

A goal that has been set for this ride - we will attempt to ride in one group.  Early on we'll pick a speed, say 28 and see how that works.  Those of you/us that don't feel comfortable at this pace don't have to feel pressure to lead.  We'll ride this way to, let's say, Vita and over breakfast can tweak it...or something...agreed?

Rides back.  This is one detail that I always neglect.  We're not coming home on Sunday, so I can't offer any rides.  Albert talked to having his truck available, but I guess we need a driver?  Anyone else have any ideas?

Thanks, Bruce.

I look forward to the report.  JS

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back 40 Butter Belt Winner!

The SOB has fulfilled his destiny.  Brad Enns is enjoying his Butter Belt victory with past winners Jonny G and Kevin Kilbrei.  More pictures to come as soon as I can figure out the slideshow feature.  JS

Friday, August 12, 2011

MS FUNdraiser pictures

Here are some of the MS FUNdraising BBQ and race pictures.  Thanks a lot Bruce for a great event!