Sunday, August 7, 2011


First off, scroll down and check out Johnny's last post.  Big race this week....the annual MS fundraising race at the Penner farm.  As well as the big Back 40 shindig this coming weekend.  Check out the details.

As for our own little corner of the racing world this past Thursday was a ton of fun.  Shaun D. tossed out the Cheaters Som(e)times Win alleycat.  Ten racers took to the streets including BC chapter pledge Jerry Loeppky.  Charles, Bruce, Tom, James, Curt, Ben, Albert, Paul W. and I rounded out the racers. 

14, or for some, 13 places around town were the targets on this night. DS managed to come in with the fastest time but alas, managed to miss one stop.  Shaun's steep penalties (8 minutes for missing a stop and 4 for an incorrect answer) meant the door was open for the 2nd fastest team.  And Bruce and Curt slid right through that open door.   Nice work bike shop boys!  The top three went like this...

Curt and Bruce - $30 and a sweet t-shirt
David - $15 and a feeling of emptiness for yet ANOTHER 2nd place finish
Ben - $5 and a podium finish

The pre-race jitters being worked out

Jerr-balls drinks in some Made in Manitoba goodness

Bruce and Tom

Shaun works so hard on the stats that he's blurry

Ben, Albert and Curt

Curt sporting his sweet new Jon Montgomery (Got'R Done!) t-shirt

Ben and Shaun put on their own smoke show

Jerry and the Duker

Even a 5th place finish wasn't enough for the rookie.....he argues

The view from our season ticket seats for THE JETS!

Ben - the happiest winner of five bucks in ABES history

Beautiful night for a race

Duker, Shaun and a svelte DS

Ben still loving the money
The post-race chatter focused around the following:  the Jets (as usual), Bruce's big race this Thursday, PK and his snubbing of his homies for some Jant-sieders, the upcoming cross season, hail damage, and many more topics memory fails to recall.

All in all a great race Shaun.

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