Saturday, January 30, 2010

Upcoming awesomeness...

ABES, with our FGBC brethren will once again host a redonkulously good time right here in our quaint hamlet. This year Southern Cross will be coupled up for a Saturday/Sunday Cross series that will be the highlight of the season. Back to back races for an overall weekend warrior champion. More details to come as soon as we figure them out.

The upcoming Manitoba Cyclocross schedule has been released...

Sept 12 MBCX #1 Belgian Supercross Olympia

Sept 19 MBCX #2 Wildwood Woodcock

Sept 25 MBCX #3 CMU FGBC

Oct 3 MBCX #4 Omand Creek Training Co-Op

Oct 16 MBCX #5 St. Malo, MB Olympia

Oct 17 MBCX #6 Altona, MB FGBC

Oct 24 MBCX #7 Whittier Park FOG

Oct 30 MBCX #8 TBA Red River Racing

Nov 7 MBCX Provincials TBA Woodcock

Also, if you want to blow off the Sunflower Festival for some real fun, come out for a weekend of awesomeness...
ABES should put in a team. I guarantee a good time. I will NOT be riding for the win. I'm riding for the FUN. Let me know If you're interested in joining me. Details can be found here.

For those with aspirations that are un-ABES, check out this fine race series of biking immoderation...
The races are epic in nature, the pain is very real, and the memories will be incredible.

2010 is looking to be super sweet. JS

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday night ride reports

Gavin, David, Ben, Shaun, Curt, James, and I left ABES headquarters for a spin around town; stragglers Charles and Duke joined us mid/late ride Knockdown comps took place at the Ash st. rink, hill climbs at the park were mocked by Charles and his new studded tires, Gavin showed his rad skillz popping off the snow ramp. James proved that wearing yellow goggles at night is not a good idea; headlights look too much like parking lights. Conversation at Grumpy's included the awesome times in Barbados and the winter storm we missed here. That's the price we pay for leaving Manitoba.

The report from last weeks ride was submitted by DeShaun...
Five riders showed up in spite of ABES HQ being shut down (with the front door open). Lorne, Dan, Ben, Jeff and Shaun took to the streets on a mostly leisurely cruise around Rock-tona. Highlights included ripping through freshly laid snow, Dan's big save from a seemingly imminent wipe-out and the sheer awesomeness of riding bicycles over icy streets in -4ish temps in mid January.

The ride concluded at Ben's twin snow fortresses - which featured slides, tunnels and an excellent opportunity for snow ball fights. These are some pretty sweet forts

Apparently no post ride drinks last week? That's not right. What do people think this is - a bike club?


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thursday night ride

DSwat and I should be back in time to get the bikes rolling on Thursday night. Will anybody have the stones to join us? See you suckers there. JS

Friday, January 22, 2010


Where's the Thursday Night ride report? Did you dudes hit the road?

We didn't bike on Thursday. Too busy swimming and drinking rum punch. No complaints though. It was awesome. We'll be back for next week.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thursday Night Ride report

Fantastic ride!

Ten riders...Lorne, James, Jonny, Dan, Ben, Paul B., Shaun, Jeff, Charles and Myself. Actually eleven. Albert tried to catch us but we were so super awesome fast he couldn't. Or something like that.

Spun around the town, skidded on the ice, cruised up and down the big hill and just merrily rolled along. Check out the pics.

After ride ended up at the usual spot and we hung out. Talked. Discussed. BSed. Always good times.

I've experimented a little with new technologies. Glitches may be in order. We'll see. But check out the poorly lit video below and find out if the GPS ride mapping worked. I'm curious as well.

Respectfully submitted,

El Presidente

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thursday night ride y'all

We should ride bike. And when I say ride bike, I mean ride bike - probably. See you then. JS

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thursday night ride report

The - 40 weather did not deter Giles, Charles, Shaun, Lorne, Paul, David, Myron and myself from meeting at The ABES headquarters. It did prove that some of us are brave and some of us are reasonable. The ride was probably awesome. The company was first-rate. Libations flowed. It was one of our finer nights. JS

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We don't need another hero

Dr. H shows off his impressive chin-sicles and sweet winter sideburns.

Has anybody notice that it's really cold outside?
Riding to ABES headquarters to warm-up before riding directly to the clubhouse constitutes a weekly ride (unless a hero steps up to inspire us). See you at 9. Feel free to bring a bottle/flask to my place to help with the warm-up. JS

Monday, January 4, 2010

Thursday night ride…

…is on.

Can the director of posters (aka Myron, The Duke, Duker, The Duck, The Dyck, Maurice, Moron, alleycat organizer of the year (others?) whip up a little something-something special to make this ride extra official?

See you at 9:00.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The people have spoken!

Star Wars - The Best Alleycat of the Year!

The race featured an ewok dictionary, crokinole sharp shooting, Dans Jedi warrior outfit, I had an unfortunate flat tire, Gavin took the win (was it also the debut of his clipboard/bike attachment?), and Tom and Lorne went to the wrong checkpoint and crashed a party at the art gallery - that was awesome.

Myron knows how to make things clever, then make them funny and finish with a dash of Right-On. Well done Duker.

Dans Sign of the Times finished second and Davids oh canada! rounded out the top three alleycats of the year. Well done boys. The future of ABES looks good.

Speaking of race organizers, we need one to put together a course for nordic cross #2. A race in the next two weeks would be ideal so step up and take your turn.

Did a new years eve ride take place? Keep us in the loop.