Friday, August 30, 2013

Back Forty Bunny Dodger MS Fundraiser Report

From the desk of Alexis Penner...

OK, so about 60 of our closest friends and family showed up at our yard for an evening of food, racing, pony rides and general shenanigans…
Although the day started off with showers and thunderstorms, by 5:30p the air had cooled to a pleasant 31 degrees with a lovely (aka life-saving) breeze.
About TWENTY kids donned their helmets and rode their hearts out!  (Although, Coen said the race was easy).  And TWENTY-TWO adult (thirteen and up) riders rode harder than many of them should have, for what seemed like an eternity, but was really only 30 minutes plus a lap… Which sounds like nothing. (says me, who was mostly in charge of refilling water bottles…)
Bruce did a fantastic job of organizing the race.  To gain points, riders had to dig a carrot from the garden, and the longer the carrot, the more seconds were subtracted from the total time… (Next year we plan to have a spring race where every rider plants a row of vegetables to gain bonus points…. Mostly because we are evil geniuses…  But I digress….
The meal was delicious, thanks to Pioneer Meat and Sun Valley Co-op… And the evening ended off with a spectacular display of fireworks, thanks to Canadian Lumber…
In the end, a pile of money was raised for the MS Society…  Some of us got some exercise… the rest of us had a fun evening of socializing (because cyclists are awesome – I’m not even kidding), and I think we should do this again next year….
Thanks to all who came out, your generosity and graciousness is overwhelming… :)
All that’s left is the easy part – Riding Mountain Challenge….. :D

Thanks Bruce and Alexis.  That was awesome.  JS

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ThNR / Back Forty Bunny Dodger

This week we get to gather, race, eat, and raise funds for the fight against MS.  Bruce and Alexis are making it all happen and we're glad they do.  More race information can be found here and scan the race course here.  To find the party, follow the map to the Penner plantation below this post.

We'll have our regular ABES meeting at the clubhouse following the festivities.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Direction to Penner Home

For those people looking to come to the Penner race on Thursday the direction to their farm are below

House # 5023.  Rd 3 NW of Hwy #30.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Moose Lake ride 2013

It has almost become tradition.  We can't remember how many years its been; maybe 6?  This time we started with 9 riders at 6:00 for coffee at the bike shop. Sandra showed up to get a group shot; Thanks Sandra!  Left at 6:15.  Since the 201 was freshly tarred and pebbled to Letell-yeaa (is that the correct way to say it Lisa?), we chose to go around on hwy 421, and up hwy 75.

Mike, Curt, Albert, Charles, Dwight, Lisa, Cindy, Shaun and myself made up the group.  Temperature was a mild 20, and a breeze from the south.  The wind maintained throughout, but the temperature climbed relentlessly to a vicious 34 by midday!

Once we hit Letellier, curt and Albert headed home. Albert didn't want to tire his legs for a race on Sunday.

Highlights.  Lunch in Vita.  The Bente's served us excellent German fair of dumpling and schnitzel with heaps of home-fries.
Here Dwight and Mike left us to spend time with family.
With 80 Kms under our belt we moved on.  The 5 of us, Shaun, Chaz, Lisa, Cindy and me.  Staying hydrated, we also made sure that Elexis drop off water in Sundown for a refill.  Dot's (store in Sundown was closed) yard was the drop-off and just as we showed up a yokel almost drove off with our precious liquid!  He already had them in the back of his truck as we drove up!  But his excuse was plausible, so we didn't have to get rough...yeah, cyclist in spandex, really threatening in back-country of Sundown...
Lisa could be called "the new Mike".  She fearlessly took on any wind and rode in the front tirelessly... (That would have slowed her down...we could have removed her tires!)
As we got to the intersection of 201 and hwy 12, now at km 120, with hot heat of the day, we found an well and a pump.  We each took turns dousing each other.  What ecstasy...with almost life-saving rejuvenation!  My head was cookin'!  Note to self, next time a water soaked hat...all the way.
Second lunch was at south Junction.  Shaun was riding on empty, so to combat this he had, in this order, cake, pie-ice cream, burger, fries, and a milk shake " filled to the balls"!
Thunder could be heard in the distance with 45 Kms to go. 
Sprague passed in a blur as we turned the corner and got our last stretch with-wind.  35 Kms to go.  Somewhat downhill, we maintained a 30 km/hour pace.  Felt good after 170 behind us!
Rain began with the last 10 Kms and Elexis came to check up on us with the threat of a thunderstorm in the distance.
AND THERE IT IS.  THE MOOSE LAKE SIGN!  It was all down hill from there, we coasted into the lake for a bath, drifted to the deck for a beer and waited to get hungry for steak...

Charles is the king of pictures.  I'm hoping that we get some posted shortly. 

We averaged 25 km/hour, and just over 12 hours on the road.

Until next year.  Bruce.


(Photos courtesy of Charles K.)

Friday, August 23, 2013

ThNR Report

Steven, Gavin, James, Curt, Chris, Paul, Chaz, Dan, the Giesbrecht brothers and I rode the sweet trails near lake Minnewasta.  We saw some familiar faces from the Country Cycle posse (Peter and Jason) and also met up with former Rocktonians/honorary ABES - Greg “all-star” Loeppky and Craig “hakkalugi” Doell.  The group splintered quickly with DB breaking his chain minutes into the ride.  It was patched together but his troubles moved to his rear derailleur which eventually resulted in a single speed spin back to the vehicles.  Dan made like a prodigal son – lost but found.  The trails were in great condition even if some of us weren’t.  It was a fantastic evening on the trails. 

We returned to the clubhouse where we met David, Duke, Albert, Tom, Shaun, and Bruce who spent most of their time visiting with Slovakians Martin and Barbora, a couple who are on an epic cycle trip - you can find their blog here. 

Photo courtesy of Bruce
Minutes are sketchy but include: this years Moose Lake Ride includes newbies Cindy and Lisa (right arm!), Albert is going to medal in the provincial road race this weekend - obvs, grading/grating country roads, Holy Pembina Gravel Grinder was pretty/hard, arm wrestling is not my forte, foggin eh, bike blog fail – the peddle-files, we met an air-guitar/party dude, James has enjoyed the view from the peak of the Bunge plant (pictures to come?), Dan forgo his chicken wings but they were still enjoyed (thanks Albert), jealousy was ragging on the Cycle Chick, and we’re all looking forward to the Back 40 Bunny Dodger (MS fundraiser event) next week at the Penner plantation.  Good times.  JS

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thursday Night Ride - Mountain Bike Edition

Most of us started cycling in this club on a mountain bike.  The weird thing is we rode our knobby tires on flat, cement roads until we figured out skinny tires rolled sooo much easier and faster.  But let’s not forget how much fun mountain biking on flowy single track can be.  

This Thursday we’ll make our way to Morden for a group ride at Lake Minnewasta and the Trans Canada Trail.  RSVP your attendance and transportation needs/offers.  Gulp down your supper and be at ABES central by 5:45 - we should leave by 6:00.  I can take two dudes/bikes in the Malibu.

The same old ride on the same old roads will also take place at 8 so take yer pick.  JS

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Upcoming ABES (Penner) Events

This Moose Lake Ride is this weekend.

Bruce, Alexis and co. are inviting you to their cabin for a steak supper, but the best part is that you get to bike there with a bunch of cool people.  It's a 185'ish Km route that includes breakfast in Vita and an afternoon pie (or burgers) break.  Get out there boys and girls!  Let Bruce or Alexis know if you can make it.  2012 Moose Lake Report here.

The good times don't stop there.  The Penners keep the good times rolling with another event.  Check out their Facebook invitation from Alexis...

Hello Friends,

It is time for our annual (except for last year, because we were lazy butts) Fun-racing Fundraiser to End MS.

This year we are entered as Team Back Alley Cycle – our team consisting of Bruce, Elexis, Scott and Wendy. Together, we will be participating in the MS Society’s MS Bike Tour -- Riding Mountain Challenge in September. This is a 70km bike ride from Dauphin to Clear Lake, and back again the next day. Sounds like fun? It mostly is! 

We have planned a BBQ and Cyclocross race on our (Bruce & Elexis) yard on Thursday, August 29th.

Come out and ride the lovely and scenic “Back 40 Bunny Dodger”, or if you don’t prefer yourself in spandex (although it is quite comfy and liberating), come enjoy the BBQ and cheer on the riders as they compete for glory and prizes (mostly glory).

The eats will start @ 5:30.

The kids race will start @ 6:30, with the adults to follow.

Please note, that unlike previous years, supper will also be served during and after racing, for those who prefer non-nausea while riding.

If you can’t make it to the BBQ, please consider donating, either through any member of our team, or online (Google MS Riding Mountain Challenge). Click on “Find a cyclist or team” on the home page.

“Be part of a future without MS.”

Team Back Alley Cycle

This is always a good time and EVERYBODY should attend this ThNR.  JS

Friday, August 16, 2013

ThNR Report

Curt, Albert, Dan, Shaun, James and I met for our weekly spin around town.  We held a nice pace but got spotted cruising through two stop signs by the chief of police (off-duty); if there is any backlash we’ll launch Operation Lesbian Preacher to the local press to divert any unwanted attention.  We also rode to the park to test-run a proposed Southern Cross course.  We retired to the clubhouse and were joined by fun-boys Tom, Duke and Schiesse.  Minutes include: Curt got Crème de Jeans at Carnival, Nash is looking really good these days, bacon jerky exists, Curt used a service bell app to get our servers attention (brilliant), Dan was full from the 5 pounds of French fries he ate for supper but was still hungry for late night wings, Dandy V Fop, Davids addadicktomy surgery was a “success”, trains blowing their horns at 12:30 and 4:30 in the morning is bunk, Shaun shared his maple syrup flavoured smokes, anything goes in Bomber Land these days, and if cycling had an arm wrestling component - Curt would take the gold – he is freakishly strong and proved it by beating local tough guy Justin (Juice) and breaking the table.  Good times.  JS

My pipe cleaner arms didn't stand a chance.
Curt won the Righty
Juice took the Lefty
Shaun and Schiesse discuss the latest
in Campagnolo smoking technology

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Dudes...I'm back and ready to roll (and rock) with my hommies!  We should gather, bullshit, make fun of DTwat, cycle about, then continue our magnificent bullshitting and DSwank bashing over beers!  If we're lucky there will be wings (please let there be wings).  See you at 8.  JS

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thursday Night ride

Coming out for a ride? Why not, it should be nice weather and its Thursday!  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thursday Night Ride Conjecture

I wasn't at the ride but Steven submitted these photos.  From what I can gather it was a typical night where Franklin invited his evil twin, Franz morphed into Duke and Wing Night came from McDonalds.  

Same old same old.  JS