Friday, August 30, 2013

Back Forty Bunny Dodger MS Fundraiser Report

From the desk of Alexis Penner...

OK, so about 60 of our closest friends and family showed up at our yard for an evening of food, racing, pony rides and general shenanigans…
Although the day started off with showers and thunderstorms, by 5:30p the air had cooled to a pleasant 31 degrees with a lovely (aka life-saving) breeze.
About TWENTY kids donned their helmets and rode their hearts out!  (Although, Coen said the race was easy).  And TWENTY-TWO adult (thirteen and up) riders rode harder than many of them should have, for what seemed like an eternity, but was really only 30 minutes plus a lap… Which sounds like nothing. (says me, who was mostly in charge of refilling water bottles…)
Bruce did a fantastic job of organizing the race.  To gain points, riders had to dig a carrot from the garden, and the longer the carrot, the more seconds were subtracted from the total time… (Next year we plan to have a spring race where every rider plants a row of vegetables to gain bonus points…. Mostly because we are evil geniuses…  But I digress….
The meal was delicious, thanks to Pioneer Meat and Sun Valley Co-op… And the evening ended off with a spectacular display of fireworks, thanks to Canadian Lumber…
In the end, a pile of money was raised for the MS Society…  Some of us got some exercise… the rest of us had a fun evening of socializing (because cyclists are awesome – I’m not even kidding), and I think we should do this again next year….
Thanks to all who came out, your generosity and graciousness is overwhelming… :)
All that’s left is the easy part – Riding Mountain Challenge….. :D

Thanks Bruce and Alexis.  That was awesome.  JS

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