Friday, June 29, 2012

Saturday at the Lake

A few of us are planning on heading to Lake MInnewasta in Morden to do some trail riding.  We (my family) will be at the beach by around 1-1:30 so the kids can hang out and sometime after some riding will happen.  Join us if you like!


p.s. Sorry for the overpost.  Scroll down and read.

ThNR Report

Our second attempt at grass track racing was good fun.  Bruce and Steven were the quickest of the quick and the addition of the Italian pusuit and Snowball team events was a blast.  Grass track racing has a way of blowing your lungs, legs and heart apart, yet we were all smiling when it was over – maybe because it was over.  The grass track racing event at the Gspot festival takes place on July 21 and is open to anyone who can make it – even members of other bike clubs that are goddess, breakfast cereal and micro brewery related – if they gots the plums (and it is plum season so that shouldn't be a problem).

Bruce is working with the MCA on bringing the provincial time trails to our neck of the woods and Steven and Gavin are preparing for an August Barn Cross event at the Wiebe farm that may include a pond crossing feature.  There was also boisterous talk of the ABES Jerk-Off that is scheduled to take place in 2 weeks.  The format has yet to be determided but a group is preparing to supply homemade jerky and the rest of us will be in a race or just eat jerky.  Either way, we’ll all continue to make innapropriate comments.

10 of us will be enjoying the Road Trip 2012 for 5 days of road riding in Banff/Jasper national park and 1 day of mountain biking at Kicking Horse.  Soo good.  We'll try to keep you posted.

This club just keeps on getting better and better.  Good times indeed.  JS

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The response to David’s steak night request has been weak.  It’s a great idea that needs to happen - just not this week.  Instead we'll turn our attention from grass fed animals to grass track animals.  Bruce is coordinating the races as well as introducing new team events.  Sweet.  Meet at my place at 8.

Road Trip 2012 leaves Saturday.  Oh boy!  Most of us are anticipating the joys of cycling in one of the most beautiful parks in the world.  Dan is nervous about getting diarrhea.  Hang in there Dan, it's going to be OK – take a deep breath and eat bananas.


Thanks to our comrade Winnipeg Cycle Chick I discovered that part of our beloved ABES logo has been appropriated.  By none other than the "Bike to Work" people!  Bastards!  No wonder I drove my van to work that day...

(visual proof of said thievery)

And on another note, due to an underwhelming lack of responses we'll not be having Steak Night tomorrow.  Maybe another time...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Steak Night?

(our steak may not be exactly as shown)

Nash over @ Grumpy's kindly offered to BBQ a steak, spud and beer combo for Thursday night.  He wanted to know by Wednesday if we were interested and at what price.  What are we thinking?  And for what time?  Start the ride earlier at 7 PM sharp and go for steak around 8ish?  Comments please...

Friday, June 22, 2012

ThNR Report

Duke, David, Tom, James, Dan, Steven, Chaz, Paul W, Shaun, and newbie Franklin arrived to see the new ABES bibs rock our fashion scene – if you order one, come and get’m out of my kitchen.  When we left we set a new record for fastest group split with an official time of 2 seconds into the ride – sad/impressive.  We sputtered around town, harassed Gavin as he worked on his trailer, and were happy that the rain/hail didn’t return.  The two groups finally found each other and decided to retired to the clubhouse.  We were joined by Ike, Giles and Cousin Thomas.  Minutes included: Our Compliments chips = cubic zirconia jewlery, Bombers talk was reving up, Road trip 2012 – 9 days and counting, Grumpy’s tempted us with an ABES Steak Night, Tom was sexually harassed with jerky, somebody broke into my house and fixed my toilet, Chaz got bunged up on his family mountain bike ride, Birthday boy Shaun did not make it easy for us to buy him drinks?, David is assembling an ABES tractor-pull team for the sunflower festival, Thomas has 11 wedding to attend this summer, Schiesse was missing in action – again, the new fitness trend: backwards running, Shaun shared his digital breakfast smoke (Eggo with syrup), memories of WC Miller soccer legends Alex and Tang were shared, and DSwank bought camouflage ballet tights.  Good times. 
Chaz, Franklin and the b-boy

Sleepy Floyd

Wrestling/Cycling attire

Prepping for David "turtle" Sawatzky

I’m camping this weekend so I’m out for the SMBR.  If you want a ride to happen, post it up.  The Family Bike Club will meet Sunday at 6:30.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We’ll do our usual thang this week and return to the grass track next week.  In fact, Bruce intends to grassify us every other week until he leads the races at The Gretna Hot Spot Festival (aka The g-spot fest).

We miss you Schiesse.  When will you get back on your horse, or at least join us at the clubhouse?
Upcoming good times…24 Hours of Falcon Ridge.  David, Cindy, Cheryl and I are defending our team title as co-ed (mutli-sex) champions.  Another ABES team would be cool.  If 24 hours of mountain bike racing sounds too extreme, remember, David did it last year and he’s agreed to ride again this year, soooooooo.  If you’re on a team it’s a great mix of riding, not-riding shenanigans and camping goodness.  Check your calendar and join us on July 14 - 15 for 24 hours of fun. 
FYI - the Family Bike Club has been sputtering along with 6 – 18 cyclists per ride.  It’s encouraging to see so many of our young’ns riding together.  Join us at my place on Sunday’s at 6:30.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Future ABES participation?

Just watching this almost made me pee my pants...enjoy.

Friday, June 15, 2012

ThNR Report

Duke, David, Steven, Steve, Albert, Chaz, Ike, Shaun, Bruce, Dan, Bruce, Gavin, Ben, Mike, the G-boys, and I met up to ride.  Bruce had seen the weather forecast of 10-15 mm of rain and decided to save Ian a trip out to Altona, but the weather turned out to be gorgeous and we decided to check out the grass track and race it up on our own.  We had an evenings worth of scratch race heats with varying distances and a last-man-out race.  Next time we'll try some team pursuit races.  It was agreed that grass track racing is super fun.  The dilapidating schoolhouse in the middle of the grass track gave the races the old school, old school flavour.  Official standings were not recorded but Steven, Gavin, Charles and Bruce all looked strong.  Evan suffered a taco'd wheel early on but muscled it back to a ridable state.  Some realized that slick road tires with 120 psi were not the right tire choice for the grass track.  We retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Tom, James and Paul B.  The minutes at my end of the table included: Steven's video that might get him fired, Ike needs a variance for the new addition to his house (congratulations), pembina valley online ad for beaver removal, suspicious boxing results conversations kept Tom away from the races, Southern Cross details were revving up, Duke's house is on the market, David loves a dude without a shirt, Steve B suggested grass track roller derby, does double jeopardy apply to Lance Armstrong?, Paul goes electric at the Back 40 folk fest (it's a trumour), golf/soccer/nascaar on tv = the nap channels, the ABES dirt velodrome will be put on the upcoming town council agenda, and Jillian Welch is having a concert at the Jerrick.  Good times.

I'm still enjoying my stupid summer cold so I'm out for the breakfast ride.  Post a comment if you're interested in cycling/eating. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


If the rain stays away we'll be racing on grass.  If not, plan B will be in effect - whatever that is.  Either way, we'll gather at 8:00.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rumour Du Jour

Bruce is organizing grass track bicyle races for the Gretna Hot Spot Festival.

The races will be on Saturday, July 21 and take place sometime between the tractor races and Cornie the Elvis impersonator.  Cool.  Local cycling enthusiast and public works supervisor SWiebo has agreed to help prepare a track in Altona for the ABES crew where we can practice, ride and race.  The track will be half the distance of the WC Miller running track (200m V 400m).  Grass track racing formats are varied from sprints to endurance, solo to team events.   

Grass Track Czar Ian Hall has agreed to come to Rocktona this Thursday to organize 
our races and make it as legit as we get.  

Ian "powered by perogies" Hall 

How sweet is that?!  See you Thursday.

Friday, June 8, 2012

ThNR Report

DB and I rode the flowy trails at Lake Minnewasta.  They're so fun and I'm out of shape.  Curt, Evan and Jared were there too but we only met at the end of the ride - sorry dudes.  Former Rocktona resident Craig Doell was also ripping up the trail in his lovely leisure suit.  Most of the other ABES had weak excuses and settled for the same old, same old with a ride around town.  James, Paul B, Paul W, Steven, Dan, Shaun, Steve, David, Duke, Tom, DB, and I met at the clubhouse where the minutes include: Tom brought two bags of delicious homemade samplings of beef jerky which inspired an upcoming Jerk-Off with Pole Vaulter to see who has the best meat, Schiesse is a Bomber hater, the doctor who retired to become a farmer, they don’t make anymore land, DB loves to listen to DB, teachers that are snappy, stale popcorn, Tom bought a hazmat suit from the MCC, saying the word bedbugs makes Paul B itch, why can’t cheap hotels be clean?, why can’t that moose jump over the bison?, Duke’s Pizza, Chicken, Burgers and More, and Steven’s gift to Tom – kicking Davids butt July 2013 - declairing “I will rewrite The Tortoise and the Hare”, Duke is on the undercard – “I will fight anyone named Paul” and David bites a mouthful of sack.  Good times.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Ride.  I'm camping this weekend but Dan is going to ride the Rosetown loop and have breakfast at Oakview.  If you want to ride you'll figure it out.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thursday Night Mountain Bike Ride

Our next Thursday Night Ride will consist of riding the trails at Lake Minnewasta.  We'll meet at 6, load our bikes, go to Morden and giddy-up.  It's going to be a blast.  The weather may change our plans so stay tuned.

Post a comment if you need or can supply a ride to Morden.  I can take 2 more people/bikes in my dirty Malibu.

Friday, June 1, 2012

ThNR Report

Gavin, Pole Vaulter, Duke, Steve, Giles, Shaun, Ben, DB, Mike Bruno and I rode the local roads in and around Altona.  Cycling in the country was delightful and included an illegal airport sprint that saw Gavin win with ease.  A break was taken at Dswats to regroup and unhydrate but we continuted to ride until we hit 31 km’s to outdistance Altona’s fairer bike club.  We retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Steven, Tom Dan, James and David.  Minutes include: Paul W fell through his deck a la Wile E. Coyote, Pilsner was available to our delight and Coors Light Ice Tea was available to our concern, leafblower fire starters at the spring ride, Shaun uses a shimmer of lard for cooking (using his lard rag – patent pending), Schiesse’s late night Bomber rant was caught on video, mouth breathers, DB knows his AC/DC, Dumb Dumb David is dumb, Greg Dahl ran, Nik Wallenda to cross Niagra Falls on a tightrope (550 meters - ha), knots and slacklines, Man on a Wire documentary, Steven cycled over the Golden Gate bridge with a golf cart escort, Tom guaranteed to supply beef jerky at the next ThNR, and the new Altogther Altona sign anagram alternatives include: Granola Teat Hotel, A Angel Alter Tooth, Aloha Tango Letter, Anal Galoot Tether, Halo To Elegant Rat, Altar Athlete Goon, Eagle Throat Talon, and Elongate That Oral.  Good times.

Saturday Breakfast Ride, 8:30 at my place.