Friday, June 1, 2012

ThNR Report

Gavin, Pole Vaulter, Duke, Steve, Giles, Shaun, Ben, DB, Mike Bruno and I rode the local roads in and around Altona.  Cycling in the country was delightful and included an illegal airport sprint that saw Gavin win with ease.  A break was taken at Dswats to regroup and unhydrate but we continuted to ride until we hit 31 km’s to outdistance Altona’s fairer bike club.  We retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Steven, Tom Dan, James and David.  Minutes include: Paul W fell through his deck a la Wile E. Coyote, Pilsner was available to our delight and Coors Light Ice Tea was available to our concern, leafblower fire starters at the spring ride, Shaun uses a shimmer of lard for cooking (using his lard rag – patent pending), Schiesse’s late night Bomber rant was caught on video, mouth breathers, DB knows his AC/DC, Dumb Dumb David is dumb, Greg Dahl ran, Nik Wallenda to cross Niagra Falls on a tightrope (550 meters - ha), knots and slacklines, Man on a Wire documentary, Steven cycled over the Golden Gate bridge with a golf cart escort, Tom guaranteed to supply beef jerky at the next ThNR, and the new Altogther Altona sign anagram alternatives include: Granola Teat Hotel, A Angel Alter Tooth, Aloha Tango Letter, Anal Galoot Tether, Halo To Elegant Rat, Altar Athlete Goon, Eagle Throat Talon, and Elongate That Oral.  Good times.

Saturday Breakfast Ride, 8:30 at my place.


  1. I'm planing to be there for the Breakfast Ride - don't leave without me 'cause no one likes to see a grown man cry.

  2. I'm still not over the near-beer thing. Who are you, man!?
    Don't be late.