Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We’ll do our usual thang this week and return to the grass track next week.  In fact, Bruce intends to grassify us every other week until he leads the races at The Gretna Hot Spot Festival (aka The g-spot fest).

We miss you Schiesse.  When will you get back on your horse, or at least join us at the clubhouse?
Upcoming good times…24 Hours of Falcon Ridge.  David, Cindy, Cheryl and I are defending our team title as co-ed (mutli-sex) champions.  Another ABES team would be cool.  If 24 hours of mountain bike racing sounds too extreme, remember, David did it last year and he’s agreed to ride again this year, soooooooo.  If you’re on a team it’s a great mix of riding, not-riding shenanigans and camping goodness.  Check your calendar and join us on July 14 - 15 for 24 hours of fun. 
FYI - the Family Bike Club has been sputtering along with 6 – 18 cyclists per ride.  It’s encouraging to see so many of our young’ns riding together.  Join us at my place on Sunday’s at 6:30.

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