Friday, June 15, 2012

ThNR Report

Duke, David, Steven, Steve, Albert, Chaz, Ike, Shaun, Bruce, Dan, Bruce, Gavin, Ben, Mike, the G-boys, and I met up to ride.  Bruce had seen the weather forecast of 10-15 mm of rain and decided to save Ian a trip out to Altona, but the weather turned out to be gorgeous and we decided to check out the grass track and race it up on our own.  We had an evenings worth of scratch race heats with varying distances and a last-man-out race.  Next time we'll try some team pursuit races.  It was agreed that grass track racing is super fun.  The dilapidating schoolhouse in the middle of the grass track gave the races the old school, old school flavour.  Official standings were not recorded but Steven, Gavin, Charles and Bruce all looked strong.  Evan suffered a taco'd wheel early on but muscled it back to a ridable state.  Some realized that slick road tires with 120 psi were not the right tire choice for the grass track.  We retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Tom, James and Paul B.  The minutes at my end of the table included: Steven's video that might get him fired, Ike needs a variance for the new addition to his house (congratulations), pembina valley online ad for beaver removal, suspicious boxing results conversations kept Tom away from the races, Southern Cross details were revving up, Duke's house is on the market, David loves a dude without a shirt, Steve B suggested grass track roller derby, does double jeopardy apply to Lance Armstrong?, Paul goes electric at the Back 40 folk fest (it's a trumour), golf/soccer/nascaar on tv = the nap channels, the ABES dirt velodrome will be put on the upcoming town council agenda, and Jillian Welch is having a concert at the Jerrick.  Good times.

I'm still enjoying my stupid summer cold so I'm out for the breakfast ride.  Post a comment if you're interested in cycling/eating. 

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