Saturday, August 29, 2009


From the desk of race coordinator Paul Krahn:

MeddellienjeKaut 09 report

Nine men rode to the darp to tame it. Nine left in the night, bound together by the nourishment of barley and wheat. They came, they rode, they identified crops, they tasted the nectar of the barley and the flesh of the swine.

The astute and speedy Dan Kehler, with his trusty sidekick James Doell, won the day

followed hard on the heels by the speedy, but less careful Curt Falk and Bruce Penner.

To these were given the first fruits of the harvest.


Dan & James

Curt F & Bruce

Ben & Steve B

Dave & Johnny (de feloare benjels)


These nine have kept the faith; they have finished the race.

Showing up late for drinks and dogs:

Curt T

Paul B



Submitted by PK

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One more sleep

This should be a mighty fine evening.
EVERYONE should show up at ABES headquarters at 6:45 for a group ride to the darp. JS

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


For Thursday's Meddellienje-Schrotsawa in the darp you will need:

a writing instrument,
an off-road set of wheels,
beer (or other beverage)

Fire, dogs, buns, condiments, will be supplied.

Come on out to ride the country!


If anybody wants a warm-up ride to the race, we'll leave from the ABES headquarters at 6:45 sharp'ish. JS

Bikes in the news

Take Back the Streets
Winnipeg first Canadian city to stage Ciclovia

It’s time to take back the streets Winnipeg! On Sunday, September 13 from 8am until 6pm, the entire north side of Broadway will be closed to motorized vehicles from Main to Osborne connecting Assiniboine Park to The Forks for Ciclovia.
What's Ciclovia?
Ciclovia, meaning “bike way,” began in Bogotá, Colombia, where every Sunday major roads are blocked off and millions of people fill them running, walking, biking while enjoying free outdoor fitness classes like yoga and aerobics.

Ciclovia events have been held all over the world, but have yet to hit Canadian streets until now. Although talks exist for a Vancouver Ciclo
via, Winnipeg will be the first!
Numerous organizations are hoping to make this a regular event in Winnipeg, and are hosting this pilot project to gauge public interest.

The event features a hay maze, a farmers’ market, street vendors, a kids’ zone, busk
ers, horse drawn wagons, outdoor fitness classes and other non-motorized fun. The band Oh My Darling wraps up the event with a special concert at The Forks’ Oodena Circle at 4pm. The goal is to promote physical activity, community building and the environmental benefits of using non-motorized forms of transportation.

Friday, August 21, 2009

ABES Road Report

From the desk of Bruce Penner...
August, 15, 2009

Bruce Penner, Walter Hiebert, Albert Falk and Dan Kehler.

The four of us left the bike shop at 6:00. The rain started about 10 minutes earlier. We were soaked before we left town.

We had character building headwinds for many hours. Forcasted at 20 kms from the east.

We had an early lunch in Vita which was 70 kms.

Many pee breaks and gels later we had pie and ice cream at South Junction. (km 142)

Once we hit Sprague (km 152) we felt as though we had already arrived. 35 kms, heck, that's a little ride to Rose Town.
There was even a little tailwind that pushed us down the road. We got up to 34 kms/hr and Walter kept reminding us that we should "bring it down a couple!"

Did we mention that there were a few flashes of lightning during the ride? There were a couple that made us hunch down a little lower on our bars.
5 kms from Moose Lake we noticed a little smoke rising from some trees. Well, I'll be! A real lightning strike! This huge bough was hanging over some wires with little flames darting out.
Of course we took the opportunity for a pee break and photo op. Walter volunteered. If you can read his lips in the picture, he's saying, "Wow, you can really hear the sparks from here."

Moose Lake is 187 kms from Altona. Since we wanted to break 200, Walter and I chugged back a few kms to make the big Double Century!! Yes!!

Wild Turkey Chase - Talk to Albert.

Steaks were waiting for us and we enjoyed talking bikes well into the night; at least 9:30 or until Walter and Albert couldn't keep their eyes open any longer.

You might be led to believe that this ride was epic, well, Albert and Dan topped that easily by biking back to Altona on Sunday! See Walter and me sipping coffee while the guys are loading their wet clothes for another attack.
Albert made it back to Vita before he called in the sag wagon. Way to go Albert!
Dan's the man. He made it back to Altona with more headwinds and a leg cramp that hounded him for about 40 k! PLUS. These 2 guys went to Grand Forks on Tuesday. Another 167 kms! Also against wind!

I learned how to draft. I learned how fresh you can feel after a 6 hour shower and how water can lose its flavor after the eigth litre.

I also know that there is a bigger ride waiting for us next time.

Well done boys!

Thursday night ride report

We were lucky enough to have rain tonight.

We did "ride/walk" from the ABES headquarters to Grumpy's. Steve, Swatter, Duck, Bergman and I made up the posse.
Swatter had the inside scoop the best restaurant in Winnipeg to find deep fried cheese and cabbage.

Paul B (who walked to The ABES Thusday Night Ride = a punch) showed off Charlene g's sweet homemade bike hat.
If anybody wants a fine piece of artistry, the early bird prices on the hat start at 25 bones. Similar hats were seen selling for 50 hippie bucks at the Winnipeg Folk Fest. If you're interested in getting one, let me know - get it while the gettings good. It's a mighty fine hat if i do say so myself.

Paul also showed off his skills in making any hat look good.

He also suggested we check out this groovy folk fest. He's performing at it and it should be worth checking out.

Plenty of Characters out tonight.

Good times. JS

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thursday night ride

ABES perimeter run. Two quickish laps around town. We'll get good and thirsty before we retire to the library for cigars and cognacs. Same bike place, same bike time. JS

The planets have aligned

The following report is ripped off the desk of Dave Dorning...
Manitoba Union of Cyclocross Riders (MUCR) dude Hal Loewen reports -
The season starts off on Sunday, August 30th with Manitoba Cyclocross #1, brought to you by the Olympia Cycling Club. We're trying an new venue at Crescent Drive Park which should be a fast course.For those who do not have an MCA license and want to give cyclocross a try all you need to do is buy the MCA citizen license and we'll let you into the race for free! For that matter, you will get into all remaining races* for free (excluding the Provincial championships) with a citizen’s license. To help you get ready for your first cyclocross experience a group of experienced racers will be offering a free clinic on the ins and outs of cyclocross at the r ace site starting at 2:00.

Series Schedule
#1 - Aug. 30 - Crescent Drive Park
#2 - Sept. 19 - Kings Park
#3 - Sept. 26 - CMU
#4 - Oct. 4 - Bourkevale/Bruce Park
#5 - Oct. 10 - Belgian Club
#6 - Oct. 18 - Altona
#7 - Oct. 25 - Whittier Park
Provincials - Nov. 1 - Woodhaven
#8 - Nov. 8 - Kildonan Park

That's right, $40 gets you a citizen MCA license and you get to ride in 8 races. So much mud, pain at and fun for so little money - mennonites be warned. Without the license you could still ride in 3 races that are open to non-MCA members (like our Southern Cross and races 3 and 4 - see schedule), but you would then need to pay the 10 - 20 dollar entry fee per race. Bottom line - if you want to see what cyclocross mania is all about, the time in nigh.

First cross poster of the year featuring Jonny G. If that guy wasn't so fast, i would totally beat him in any race - sucka!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ABES meddellienjekaut is on!

Paul K is ready to unleash the country fresh goodness of Neubergthal. Looking forward to the village alleycat already. JS

ABES fashion file

David S dropped off a couple of sweet shirts for my kids (it was Mia’s 4th birthday on Sunday). Thanks Doft.

Friday, August 14, 2009

thursday night ride report

ride might be stretching it.

technically we "rode" our bikes last night but is it possible to amble on a bike? saunter? meander? all would aptly describe the pace of last nights ride. sean, jeff, the duker and myself met up at johnny's place and took a leisurely trip around town. btw johnny i closed your door for you, it was open. our lazy little toodle ended up at the duke's new garage/citadel/margarita-sippin' structure where we gazed in wide wonder at the joy he had found. beware pedestrians! a finer sniper location cannot be found in altona! (at least not since the elevator got torn down)

as per usual we concluded the ride with a visit to our local purveyors of cheap ale and satellite television to plop our lazy asses into the seats, quaff a few wobblies and watch a rather exciting football game. we were joined later (in order of appearance) by tom, paul b., and steve. discussions included summer holidays and proper canoe on vehicle restraints. not to be missed was mthe listing of all-time greatest mennonite food combinations. liverwurst and plum jam sandwiches? cake donuts and somma borscht? a fine evening.

respectfully submitted by el presidente

Monday, August 10, 2009

thursday night ride

a relaxing little ride around town this thursday pm. 9 pm-ish. the usual place (johnny's). he mentioned he'd leave his door open so we could go in pre-ride and drink all his beer. come thirsty my friends!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Thursday August 6th was a beautiful evening for a bike race! A whole pile of people showed up at Bruce and Elexis Penner's farm SW of Altona (or NW of Gretna) to have some good food, race some bikes and most importantly raise some cash for the MS Society Bikeathon.

Bruce (with the help of ABES race coordinator Johnny S.) laid out an ultra-sweet course. Taped-out lanes over their expansive front and back yards, ditch crossings, gravel, double track dirt, single track shelter belt, CXish barriers and more! Very nice.

The 8 and under category race a shorter modified version of the full course and had a blast. Kids love cheering!

From the desk of race organizer Bruce Penner...

Here is the skinny...

The kids raced around the yard and the fever hits as soon as "30 seconds to start" is announced. The taped lines all over the yard led to nobody getting lost. No bad crashes, lots of smiles.

The main course was 3.4 kms of grass, grass, rutty grass and some dirt. And we ate it up! Oh yeah, the best part was 300 meters of single track that Johnny picked out inside a really tight shelter belt.
It was great to have some dads on the course whose last race was part of Participaction Day in Grade 6. Way to go brother Steve. You're a winner in our hearts!

Food was awesome! (Thanks, Elexis and Mom D.) With the 60ish people that were here yesterday, 21 raced!

We want to thank you on behalf of the MS Society. We raised just over $800!!

Kids 8 and under

Austin K. 2:01
Cassidy P. 2:30
Kemper H. 2:35
Beau P. 2:53
Jacob S. 4:52 (way to go! That was really character building)

Kids 9-13 - 1 lap

Sam B. 11:10
Rory P. 11:37
Maddison H. 14:57
Chris P 15:35
Avery B. 16:05

Adults - 3 laps

Curt F. 26:55
Bruce P. 27:19
Chuck K. 28:10
Jeremy F. 29:59
Brent H. 31:27
Tanner H. 33:54
James D 34:32
Dave S. 34:32
Curt T. 35:59
Dana B. 36:02
Steve P. 13:10 (1 Lap race!)

Check out the pics from a fantastic evening! And thanks again to
Bruce and Elexis for organizing! (maybe ABES can have
another race at your place soon?)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

thursday night ride/race!

Just to recap all of the info about tomorrow nights event...

From Bruce...

August 6, this Thursday.

We are really looking forward to having all of you over for some good eating and riding around the yard.

Some details to consider:

Kids 8 and under. A race around the yard. A great time to watch your kids riding their bike (bring their helmets).

Kids 9-13 Approx. 3 km course that will take them through the best off-road that you never thought we had. (bring their helmets).

Everyone else. You will do 3-4 laps of the 3 km course. I can't decide yet. We'll decide on the day. (Bring Your Helmet).

Bring lawn chairs.

BYOB. There will be a cooler of ice for you. All other refreshments and food are covered.


From McDonalds, 4 miles south (to Road 3 NW), then 1 1/8 mile west, second house on the north. The road will be marked where to turn.


6:00 is supper, kids race 6:45, adults 7:00 ish.

Hope to see a lot of ABES out for this fantastic fundraiser!


Directions to Bruce's.

From McDonalds. Go 4 miles south on hwy 30 (Rd 3 NW). 1 mile and a bit west. It is the second house on the north side. It will be marked.

See you there!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thursday Night details

From the comments of the previous post, directly from Bruce...

August 6, this Thursday.

We are really looking forward to having all of you over for some good eating and riding around the yard.

Some details to consider:

Kids 8 and under. A race around the yard. A great time to watch your kids riding their bike (bring their helmets).

Kids 9-13 Approx. 3 km course that will take them through the best off-road that you never thought we had. (bring their helmets).

Everyone else. You will do 3-4 laps of the 3 km course. I can't decide yet. We'll decide on the day. (Bring Your Helmet).

Bring lawn chairs.

BYOB. There will be a cooler of ice for you. All other refreshments and food are covered.

Thursday Night Ride

Don't forget that this Thursday (August 6th) Bruce and Elexis Penner will be hosting a little fundraiser/race/BBQ/awesome party at their farmyard SW of Altona. All ABES are being called upon to attend. I'll get more info and post it ASAP.