Friday, August 14, 2009

thursday night ride report

ride might be stretching it.

technically we "rode" our bikes last night but is it possible to amble on a bike? saunter? meander? all would aptly describe the pace of last nights ride. sean, jeff, the duker and myself met up at johnny's place and took a leisurely trip around town. btw johnny i closed your door for you, it was open. our lazy little toodle ended up at the duke's new garage/citadel/margarita-sippin' structure where we gazed in wide wonder at the joy he had found. beware pedestrians! a finer sniper location cannot be found in altona! (at least not since the elevator got torn down)

as per usual we concluded the ride with a visit to our local purveyors of cheap ale and satellite television to plop our lazy asses into the seats, quaff a few wobblies and watch a rather exciting football game. we were joined later (in order of appearance) by tom, paul b., and steve. discussions included summer holidays and proper canoe on vehicle restraints. not to be missed was mthe listing of all-time greatest mennonite food combinations. liverwurst and plum jam sandwiches? cake donuts and somma borscht? a fine evening.

respectfully submitted by el presidente

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  1. We rolled into town last night at 1am. Saw some bikes at Grumpy's but no ABES. Looking forward to next weeks race - if Paul DB K has his act together. Let us know the details Paul.
    No riding for me in Fernie. THe weather did not cooperate. Frick!