Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday night ride report

We were lucky enough to have rain tonight.

We did "ride/walk" from the ABES headquarters to Grumpy's. Steve, Swatter, Duck, Bergman and I made up the posse.
Swatter had the inside scoop the best restaurant in Winnipeg to find deep fried cheese and cabbage.

Paul B (who walked to The ABES Thusday Night Ride = a punch) showed off Charlene g's sweet homemade bike hat.
If anybody wants a fine piece of artistry, the early bird prices on the hat start at 25 bones. Similar hats were seen selling for 50 hippie bucks at the Winnipeg Folk Fest. If you're interested in getting one, let me know - get it while the gettings good. It's a mighty fine hat if i do say so myself.

Paul also showed off his skills in making any hat look good.

He also suggested we check out this groovy folk fest. He's performing at it and it should be worth checking out.

Plenty of Characters out tonight.

Good times. JS


  1. where are the pics of drunk fat girls dancing? sorry. politically incorrect (so says Paul B.) Drunk weight-challenged girls? Inebriated hefty ladies? help me out here.

  2. Bruce wants a hat. My head is size small. That's ok if it's too big, I'll just give it to one of my kids.

  3. Jeff would like a hat as well. Those look sweet! Head size would be small.