Saturday, August 29, 2009


From the desk of race coordinator Paul Krahn:

MeddellienjeKaut 09 report

Nine men rode to the darp to tame it. Nine left in the night, bound together by the nourishment of barley and wheat. They came, they rode, they identified crops, they tasted the nectar of the barley and the flesh of the swine.

The astute and speedy Dan Kehler, with his trusty sidekick James Doell, won the day

followed hard on the heels by the speedy, but less careful Curt Falk and Bruce Penner.

To these were given the first fruits of the harvest.


Dan & James

Curt F & Bruce

Ben & Steve B

Dave & Johnny (de feloare benjels)


These nine have kept the faith; they have finished the race.

Showing up late for drinks and dogs:

Curt T

Paul B



Submitted by PK

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  1. Thanks for a swell time Paul. Great night to ride and hang out around the fire. I would have had more fun if I didnt get lost. Crap. I also realized how ignant i am about crop identification. Thanks.
    Congrats to Dan and James - well done. Jerks.
    Tom D is the race coordinator for the next allecat. Right on.