Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Little 250 Report

Well done team

- Kids riding bike, playing with mallets, and hiding in our car to get out of the wind
- DSwank and Duker fixin all the fixins
- Athena goddesses kicked ass
- Cool gales kept things memorable at best, but did promote less sitting and more riding
- Grade 3 super kid Thomas Wiebe rode 42 laps like a boss
- Riding bike with good people 
- Being able to slow down to catch up
- County Cycle's Peter and James representing the best of the 325
- 2 year old Leo's one lap was the best showing for the Dyck-Thiessen family 
- Shaun, Albert and I finished our 250 laps in the rain with a double rainbow (what does that mean?)
- Lowlight - not seeing Cindy fall gently in her clip-less pedals and David endoing in the sand pit on a penny farthing

These are the good-old days.  JS

Friday, April 27, 2012

ThNR Report

Steve, James, David, Jeff, Shaun, Albert, Tom, Duke, Steven, Bruno, Ben and I met for the ThnNR.  Steven’s back was good enough to cycle again and he took the opportunity to take his new Jamis Pro out on its maiden voyage.  The ride was fractured as Steven forgot a spacer and had to return home for repairs, Duke snapped a cable and found himself in a spinny gear, the group got split up several times and it all fell apart when half the group abandoned the effort to cycle down the highway for a few laps around the cemetery - to be reminded about the circle of life.  It’s also the future sight of the Little 1000. We mostly rejoined before retiring to the clubhouse where the minutes included: Steve's donationg of a pack of smokes that he bought in a moment of weakness, James is going to Alabama for some southern comfort, the back of our bibs will now read “Juicy”, Common body house/brothels in Ontario, David discussed lucid dreaming, dead mouse in the Coffee Mate, BBQ/Blues fest (the bbq sounds good), Steven still has a size 30” waist - like a jerk, accordions and bandoneons, what you really mean when you say “I’ll take it under advisement” and the beauty of “I should let you go now”, the Bombers players/retirement/stadium/logo, and Albert is older and faster.  Good times.

Steven, Jeff, and James ooh, ahh and adjust the brakes
Albert defends his choice of suspenders, belt and jean shorts
David insists on using Bunge oil for his french fries,
the official oil sponsor of the Little 250.

Confirmed for the Little 250:
JS - 4
David - 4
Giesbro's - 2
DB - 2
Ben - 5
Steven - 4
Albert, Shaun, Jeff
Maybe Myron and Curt,
Tom for the food
Anybody else?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Thursday Night Ride – 9pm.   
8pm start next week?  We`ll discuss.

Fashion Files…
The sausage casing samples are here.  You can try on different sizes before the ThNR this week or next, see them at The Little 250, or make an appointment at ABES HQ.  Orders need to be confirmed by May 5.  Let me know the size and if you want the regular chamois (included) or the endurance chamois ($10 extra).  Bib details are found here.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Little 250 details

Sunday, April 29, 1:30 at the WC Miller running track - 250 laps/100 km’s.

This is an opportunity to cycle with others, challenge yourself, ride in a peloton and never get dropped (for long).  This is not a race  - cycle at any pace, do it all or split it up with a friend or two.  Kids can cycle The Lil 25 or join a Little 250 team.  A cycling computer or a good memory will be needed to keep track of your distance.

There will be hot dogs, pop, and french fries (WHAAAT?!).  I'll bring some frisbees, bocci balls, kites, and soccer balls for non-cycling fun.  Inclement weather may force us to eat elsewhere or reschedule.

Everything is free but please post a comment/register by Friday, April 27 so we get enough food.  Thanks, JS

Friday, April 20, 2012

ThNR Report

Albert, Ike, Curt, Rudy, Mike, Shaun, Duke, Gavin, and I met for a spin around town.  Duker was showing us that his new bike is faster than ever, Birthday boy Gavin was showing us how not to corner, Rudy showed us that he can ride for an hour without getting a flat and Mike shared how Curt likes to walk in circles in the woods.  It must have been too cold for Schiesse as his streak of ThNR’s has come to an end – it was fun while it lasted - see you next year?  Steven, Paul B and Bruiser joined us at the clubhouse where the minutes included: David has been in Winnipeg all week taking level 2 on how to make ice – Margaritas and slushies; next level – ice sculptures, Shaun wins the pot – and keeps it?!, future Southern Cross headquarters construction, Mike is a quitter for the win?, the hammering olympics, whatev’sies, the little 250, smut sauce with rape seed, The humpty-dance, Steven shared his thoughts on the Field of Nightmares, pizza is now considered a vegetables, Taco Bell Grade A biif, Vita is the armpit – Sprague is the Ahole, and for the first time in two years, Paul B took his bike to bike club.  Good times.
Paul cycled and Steven walked - weird

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

Alpha Dog

DSwat organized a deluxe poker tournement last weekend where 26 locals vied to take home the pot.  Chaz and I were the first two ABES eliminated - embarassing ourselves with a Shiesse-like finish.  Duke and David fared better finishing 15th and 17th respectively.  The big winner of the night was part time communist (unless he wins) and full time ABES stud, Shaun.  Shaun dog won $440.00 by combining skills, luck, bark and bite to take home the glory. 
Attaboy Shaun

Friday, April 13, 2012

ThNR Report

Curt, Albert, Shaun, Schiesse, Gavin, Jeff, Mike, Bruce, Dan, Ike, Evan, newbie Bruno and I (who am I missing?) met for our weekly bike jamboree.  Shaun was horny about life with his new fixed gear bike, Ike upgraded to a familiar Norco, Bruce rode a fixie from the bike shop, and Bruno is as keen as a teen for his new cross bike - he was less keen about getting two flats on the ride - an ugly initiation.  Mike had technical troubles with broken chain he suffered while  climbing the hill – fortunately he avoided any damage to the nuts on his bike.  Schiesse has now matched his ride total from last year with 4 consecutive rides – keep it up cowboy.  The ride itself had a good pace and had us going to the usual corners of town.  David missed the ride due to an unscheduled nap but joined us at the clubhouse, as did Paul W.  Minutes include: 50th anniversaries are ruling Dan’s life, Shaun celebrated Yuri’s Night (the Russian, not Japanese version) with appropriate garb and drink, an arm wrestling match at the next table inspired ABES bar fight stories, Pole Vaulter’s NHL pool will make the lucky winner giddy with cash, Dan forgot about his dietary constraints and needed to flush out his system with medicine from the clubhouse, David said he’d organize an Ally-Cat, the karma shit sandwich, voluntary tourettes, SWiebo’s neighbourhood rave party with strobe lights, Steve upgraded his old Harley to a new Harley, and our May 16 ThNR could feature Rocktona lover and trials pro, Ryan Leech.  Good times.  JS

Ike's bike
Bruce's latest creation
Shaun's bike fleet grows

Parental consent not acquired at press time

Mike snaps his chain from the force of his tree trunk legs
Prepping for Ally-Cat

Shaun-dog cheers Yurri with a glass of vodka and dons his USSR Space jersey

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Get off your A and on your B.

The Thursday Night Ride is on.  9 pm at my place.

Friday, April 6, 2012

ThNR Report

It was a good night for a ride. Shaun, Scheisse, Tom, Chaz, Mike, James, Ike, Gavin, Pole Vaulter, Albert, and I cycled to the all too familiar haunts.  Derrick was hauling A, there was a good push on the track and eventually it was time to retire to the clubhouse where we were joined by Duke and David.  Minutes included: Lovey's BBQ meaty goodness with a side of defibrillator, Pizza Roulette, Steven's back is F'd, NY/SF parking fees are more than MB mortgages, grass track races at the Ash park, gambling problems (the only addiction where you can win), Derrick is excited about Dead Snow (eins, zwei, die), 4 hour track-stand during olympic races - really?!, David rants about the latest town budget, Paris-Roubaix is this Sunday, and Stephen Hawking is funny.  Good times.

Scheisse approved

Upcoming cycling opportunity for all y'all:

The Little 250
Sunday, April 29, 1:30

250 laps at the WC Miller track (100 km's)
Cycle solo or make a Relay team of 2 or 4

Open to everybody.  Kids can ride the Lil 25
BBQ will be available

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Night Ride

Bring it on brothers.  9 at my place.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break Bike Report

Last week I was in Minneapolis with David, Duke and our families.  Seeing as Minney is rated the #1 bike city in the US of A (and I kinda like cycling) I brought my bike and was able to spend a few hours exploring (getting lost) in the twin cities.  I was in two  bike shops - The Hub Bicycle Co-op (a shop Shaun would have liked because he's a bike loving commie), and One On One, a bike/coffee shop that screams hipster redneck.  I enjoyed cycling along the Mississippi river and appreciated the numerous bike paths and bike lanes that encourage cycling.  Here are a few of the pictures...

Biking/Walking path over the mighty Mississippi 
Paths under paths
Paths to the Twins new ball park
Redneck bike frame display at One On One
Basement at One On One
Coffee AND bike shop
Blocks of ice surround a rental bike.  Of course there are. 
This path goes under the street crossings
The Weisman Art Museum - cool
Minneapolis (actually Blaine but close enough) is home to the nearest velodrome.  An outdoor, wooden track that would be a hellafun road trip.  A definite bucket list item of mine.  JS