Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Little 250 Report

Well done team

- Kids riding bike, playing with mallets, and hiding in our car to get out of the wind
- DSwank and Duker fixin all the fixins
- Athena goddesses kicked ass
- Cool gales kept things memorable at best, but did promote less sitting and more riding
- Grade 3 super kid Thomas Wiebe rode 42 laps like a boss
- Riding bike with good people 
- Being able to slow down to catch up
- County Cycle's Peter and James representing the best of the 325
- 2 year old Leo's one lap was the best showing for the Dyck-Thiessen family 
- Shaun, Albert and I finished our 250 laps in the rain with a double rainbow (what does that mean?)
- Lowlight - not seeing Cindy fall gently in her clip-less pedals and David endoing in the sand pit on a penny farthing

These are the good-old days.  JS


  1. Hey....why no pictures of me riding?

    Oh wait...yeah...I get it.....

  2. That was my kind of "race".