Friday, April 27, 2012

ThNR Report

Steve, James, David, Jeff, Shaun, Albert, Tom, Duke, Steven, Bruno, Ben and I met for the ThnNR.  Steven’s back was good enough to cycle again and he took the opportunity to take his new Jamis Pro out on its maiden voyage.  The ride was fractured as Steven forgot a spacer and had to return home for repairs, Duke snapped a cable and found himself in a spinny gear, the group got split up several times and it all fell apart when half the group abandoned the effort to cycle down the highway for a few laps around the cemetery - to be reminded about the circle of life.  It’s also the future sight of the Little 1000. We mostly rejoined before retiring to the clubhouse where the minutes included: Steve's donationg of a pack of smokes that he bought in a moment of weakness, James is going to Alabama for some southern comfort, the back of our bibs will now read “Juicy”, Common body house/brothels in Ontario, David discussed lucid dreaming, dead mouse in the Coffee Mate, BBQ/Blues fest (the bbq sounds good), Steven still has a size 30” waist - like a jerk, accordions and bandoneons, what you really mean when you say “I’ll take it under advisement” and the beauty of “I should let you go now”, the Bombers players/retirement/stadium/logo, and Albert is older and faster.  Good times.

Steven, Jeff, and James ooh, ahh and adjust the brakes
Albert defends his choice of suspenders, belt and jean shorts
David insists on using Bunge oil for his french fries,
the official oil sponsor of the Little 250.

Confirmed for the Little 250:
JS - 4
David - 4
Giesbro's - 2
DB - 2
Ben - 5
Steven - 4
Albert, Shaun, Jeff
Maybe Myron and Curt,
Tom for the food
Anybody else?


  1. Me and Evan are Going.

    Jared G

  2. I had you two down as the GIesbro's. Glad you can make it.

  3. Anyone looking for a morning trail ride to warm up your legs?

    Single Speed Sunday at Tinker Creek

    Curt F