Friday, April 20, 2012

ThNR Report

Albert, Ike, Curt, Rudy, Mike, Shaun, Duke, Gavin, and I met for a spin around town.  Duker was showing us that his new bike is faster than ever, Birthday boy Gavin was showing us how not to corner, Rudy showed us that he can ride for an hour without getting a flat and Mike shared how Curt likes to walk in circles in the woods.  It must have been too cold for Schiesse as his streak of ThNR’s has come to an end – it was fun while it lasted - see you next year?  Steven, Paul B and Bruiser joined us at the clubhouse where the minutes included: David has been in Winnipeg all week taking level 2 on how to make ice – Margaritas and slushies; next level – ice sculptures, Shaun wins the pot – and keeps it?!, future Southern Cross headquarters construction, Mike is a quitter for the win?, the hammering olympics, whatev’sies, the little 250, smut sauce with rape seed, The humpty-dance, Steven shared his thoughts on the Field of Nightmares, pizza is now considered a vegetables, Taco Bell Grade A biif, Vita is the armpit – Sprague is the Ahole, and for the first time in two years, Paul B took his bike to bike club.  Good times.
Paul cycled and Steven walked - weird

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