Friday, April 6, 2012

ThNR Report

It was a good night for a ride. Shaun, Scheisse, Tom, Chaz, Mike, James, Ike, Gavin, Pole Vaulter, Albert, and I cycled to the all too familiar haunts.  Derrick was hauling A, there was a good push on the track and eventually it was time to retire to the clubhouse where we were joined by Duke and David.  Minutes included: Lovey's BBQ meaty goodness with a side of defibrillator, Pizza Roulette, Steven's back is F'd, NY/SF parking fees are more than MB mortgages, grass track races at the Ash park, gambling problems (the only addiction where you can win), Derrick is excited about Dead Snow (eins, zwei, die), 4 hour track-stand during olympic races - really?!, David rants about the latest town budget, Paris-Roubaix is this Sunday, and Stephen Hawking is funny.  Good times.

Scheisse approved

Upcoming cycling opportunity for all y'all:

The Little 250
Sunday, April 29, 1:30

250 laps at the WC Miller track (100 km's)
Cycle solo or make a Relay team of 2 or 4

Open to everybody.  Kids can ride the Lil 25
BBQ will be available

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  1. Anyone interested in purchasing a Fulcrum Racing 5 wheel-set in very good condition? Shimano hub, bladed spokes w/ spares... sweet wheels. I'd like $250 OBO (includes a 9-speed Ultegra cassette).