Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break Bike Report

Last week I was in Minneapolis with David, Duke and our families.  Seeing as Minney is rated the #1 bike city in the US of A (and I kinda like cycling) I brought my bike and was able to spend a few hours exploring (getting lost) in the twin cities.  I was in two  bike shops - The Hub Bicycle Co-op (a shop Shaun would have liked because he's a bike loving commie), and One On One, a bike/coffee shop that screams hipster redneck.  I enjoyed cycling along the Mississippi river and appreciated the numerous bike paths and bike lanes that encourage cycling.  Here are a few of the pictures...

Biking/Walking path over the mighty Mississippi 
Paths under paths
Paths to the Twins new ball park
Redneck bike frame display at One On One
Basement at One On One
Coffee AND bike shop
Blocks of ice surround a rental bike.  Of course there are. 
This path goes under the street crossings
The Weisman Art Museum - cool
Minneapolis (actually Blaine but close enough) is home to the nearest velodrome.  An outdoor, wooden track that would be a hellafun road trip.  A definite bucket list item of mine.  JS 

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