Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

Pass The Water

I'll never have a reason to have to pee and cycle, but I'm going to try this this summer.  I'll probably piss all over myself.  Same old same old.

Friday, April 25, 2014

ThNR Report

David, James, Shaun, Franklin, Paul, Evan, Albert, Curt, Gavin, and I splashed around town until we were sufficiently soaked and full of grit.  We retired to the clubhouse to find Duke and Tom.  Minutes include: Paul is certain he hates it when people are so sure of themselves, Duke is looking for a new clubhouse but using split 2x6’s might not be the answer, the exciting and daunting task of designing a new ABES jersey continues, the awkward/amusing moments of student/teacher encounters at the clubhouse continued last night, stories of Jerrballs urinating on pillows and crapping in other peoples underwear, Gavin Whoreshau was reminded of his jersey colours, Cuyuna attendance is currently at 34, painting your car (GO BOMBERS), Tom won a "mystery box" at a social = fifty pounds of potatoes, accidentally falling naked on a cucumber and other emergency room tales, does Dan have french fries for the ABES?, the killer finish in Huy, Sweet Cheryl Koop got a new mountain bike and now has the two nicest bikes at our house, and Albert shared his bulk beef bits.  Good times.  JS

Alberts Frankenbike complete with a fender made of meat.

I'll need to hose down my bike before the Saturday morning breakfast ride.

Saturday AM Ride!

The weather looks reasonable (for this year anyway), and after the 25-ish kms to Letellier (the forecast is for the wind to be from the southeast so we'll head down to the 421, over to the 75, and up to Barnay's) you'll feel like you deserve it!

Meet at the usual place, at 9 AM! The more the merrier, and easier! This will be a "no-drop" ride, as per rule 10.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Maundy Thursday Race Report

DSwank organized a maundy/easter themed race for a small group of regulars.  Shaun, Paul, Franklin and I rode together until Franklin, aka Judas, sprinted to the clubhouse to have his feet washed by Mr. Pioneer Meat - for the win.  Well done Franky you beautiful backstabbing bastard.  Duke, Dan, James and Lyle joined us at clubhouse where Duke insists he told a student to turn off their pants, cx rules, races and bikes were bandied, Paul was nominated to be the Saturday morning road ride coordinator, "by just 4 points" BS, ABES 5th anniversary coffee table book, Lyle is expecting a baby and has a beautiful glow, we were serenaded by teenaged boys, Cuyuna attendance is hovering at 30 people (right arm!), David can't take a hint and totes ma goats.  The post clubhouse party was in Lyle's garage where we saw a lot of pretty bikes and drank Franklin's winnings.

Last weekend team ABES, consisting of David, James, Myron, Shaun, Tom, Franklin, Paul, and I competed at the West Park School Quiz Night Fundraiser.  We flexed our collective big brains to dominate the 36 team field.  In the end it was ABES MVP Stompin' Tom Dueck that let our team to victory.  We are officially the smartest of the smrt.  Yaa teamwork!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hippy Trails

Albert is in Moab today.  He sent these to make us jealous.  Well done Albert.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


That's right ABES!  Get your Easter/Passover groove on with the Maundy Thursday Alleycat race!  As usual you'll need your bike, a light, a pen, but also a photo-taking device (such as a phone or digital camera, film camera unacceptable).  Entry fee is $5 CDN or 8 Shekels.  Meet at 8 PM at HQ and make Good Friday a GREAT Friday with an awesome Thursday!

NOTE:  We'll also be discussing this years CX news.  Come for the explanations and discussion.  And of course the BS.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Italy Ride Report

Paul submitted this

I've attached a selfie of me, and the bike I rode, and the beer I drank in Florence (in Piazza de Signoria) after the ride.  Give a shout out to as a great little bike shop with super helpful staff (maps & routes), good bikes, and reasonable rates.

That looks awesome.  We're not jealous at all jerk face.  Thanks for the report Paul.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thursday Night Ride

This is how I feel every time I race.  Lately, this is how I feel every time I ride my bike.  It's time for me to ride my bike more often.  See you at 8.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014


It's on! 8 PM tonight. JS won't be there but ride and do the usual. Have fun!