Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thursday Night Ride

I hope you've all enjoyed the holidays with the ones you love - namely your bikes.

The Thursday Night Ride is on - 9:00 at my house.  Maybe we'll be joined by Jonny G.  He can regale the country mice with stories from the big city where the buildings nearly touch the sky!  Yee-haw!  

Some pics of my ride today.  JS

Dan sent this picture of his hoar bike
Ripping it up at Bunge.  Sounds more painful than it is. 
I found a hard packed drift...until I didn't.
Somebody has a new Italian Stallion with Campy parts! 

internal cable
fancy polished bits
Schiesse is ready to roll
Just do it!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

It was a great night for a ride - the weather was perfect and whenever Jeff Loeppky rolls into town the BS and the good-times meter goes to 11.  James, Shaun, Tom, Wolters, Bruce, David, Albert, Curt, and I (who am i forgetting) started out the night with some riding, knock-downs on ice that were way too slick for knock-downs, but good for skid competitions.  James is the undisputed skid mark champion.  I had a flat and had to hike it home.  We met Duke, Jeff, Nadine and Russell at the clubhouse but there was not a chair to be had - it seems that anybody who has family in Altona was home for the holidays.  The clubhouse had let us down.  We are a resilient bunch so we loaded up my beer buggy and headed down to Duke's heated garage.  It was awesome.  Albert stepped up with a couple of boxes of Old Dutch, Curt bought a box of Dark on behalf of the bike shop and the "colour" TV gave us the sports highlights we crave.  Schiesse and Paul B rounded out the garage crew where minutes include: CMU's out of bounds program, Jennifer Hedger is beautiful and says "Hey", school teacher crushes, 15 year old rum, the Red Wings in Minnie and other holiday plans were discussed.  The main event was the presentation of The Bet.  Good times.  JS

Shaun displays his new wheels.
Crow's feet lacing installed by Shaun.
David takes out Curt in a game of knock-down
Bruce skids and leans.  He was no match for James D.
Beer Buggy is loaded and ready to roll
David is ready to enjoy Jeff's meat
So much to smile about
Rainbow trout fished out of Jeff's pond
David soaking up the win
Alternative clubhouse goodness
David soaking up the win.

This party is OVER.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Bet

As some of you may remember, there was a friendly wager made on the CFL championship game.  ABES Saskatchewan chapter rep Jeffrey Dale Loeppky was sure his Roughriders would not repeat their previous Grey cup misstep, especially since he was going to be at the game.  David was confident he hated the Riders enough to bet against them.  Jeff bet a box of meat and some CFL schwag – and lost.  I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the story at the Thursday Night Ride.  JS

Step one: cut a hole in a box

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thursday Night Ride

Last night I had a great bike ride during the snowfall.  Riding bike in winter can be a very quiet and peacful experience.  It can also be terrifying or extra fun.  Today I plowed through the ruts to work and by lunch the streets home were cleared (good job The Town).  Thursday night will be the last ride before we celebrate the birth of Santa.  Flasks are encouraged.  See you at 9.  JS

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thursday Night Ride preamble

Just a quick note.  Got word from the ABES Saskatchewan chapter that he'll be cruising into Rocktona sometime Thursday,  He's hoping to join us for a ride.

I'll be out of town for a few days but hopefully back in time for Thursday nights festivities...


Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

There was a good turnout for the ThNR.  Bruce, Tom, David, James, Myron, Wolters, Curt, Shaun (back from a 6 week absence) and I rode the freshly snow covered roads and trails of Rocktona.  It was a beautiful night for a ride.  We headed straight to the village where DSwat had groomed a sweet race course on his yard.  The short loop included three technical sections - a teeter-totter and two beams.  I'm sure it will be the sight of a future ABES race.  After some more riding we ended up at the park for the first knockdown games of the season; Tom’s new studded tires were extra grippy but it was usually the last person not to fall on their own that won – that, or the simultanious double knockdown finale.  The bike shop boys easily rode up the hill, others struggled, and some were needed to admire the efforts from the bottom.  We eventually retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Thomas who regailed us with the gory details of Glutton Cross where apparently 6 riders honked their entry fee.  It was agreed that pound for pound the ABES would easily dominate such an event - it plays to our natural strengths as “athletes”.  Other clubhouse minutes include: the velodrome under the Miller gym (to be confirmed by Curt), Alley Kat ale, memories of using screwdrivers as tire levers, our extra salty popcorn, drunken Halbstadters, winter bike projects, Inglorious Bastards, the Elmo sex tape, Mork and Mindy trading cards, the trippy violence in A Clockwork Orange, 24 hour races/sleep-overs, and a possible roadtrip to Minneapolis to ride the velodrome.  Good times.  JS

The infamous "Headless Cyclist"
Curt and Bruce ride through a meteor shower
Tom heading down the Village Road
Checking out the new cycling path North of the MEC
Buffalo Creek pond by night
Johnny - Mr. Knockdown (aka  fixie cheater)
Google Street View of the ride - facial image obscured
Curt - post knockdown knockout
Bruce watching the knockdown

David knows how to get on the blog - non-reflective clothing is key
DSwat's skills course
Bruce takes a long-cut
Duke does the right thing (for Duke) by avoiding the teeter-totter
The new addition at the race track
Curt is all bidness
Thomas is all right!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thursday Night Ride

Should be a great night for a ride.  Meet at 9.

Coolest guy ever!

Monday, December 13, 2010

DB Update

Paul has pieced together a new cross bike.  It made its debut at the SVIPT.  Very nice - The poker tourney and the bike.  Bike specs can be found here.  He says he bought an aluminum bike to endure the winter conditions, but we here at ABES know it's DB's incredible, yet grotesque ability to sweat like fat man that would erode any steel frame in under two months.  JS

Friday, December 10, 2010

Race Report

James, David, Charles, Bruce, Curt, Dan, and Myron raced.  They all tried to locate checkpoints, answer trivia, shoot a gun, change a tire and do math for the honor and glory of being crowned Jive Turkey Champ.  Speed, brains, skill, and luck were required, but ultimately it was Bruce’s impressive ability to change a tire that gave him the title.  It’s as if he owns a bike store or something.  Well done Bruce.  Curt was the sharpest of shooters and took home some cash for his talent.  It’s as if he owns a bike store or something.  Charles marksmanship proved he's more of a lover than a fighter.  Tom and Schiesse joined us at the Clubhouse where the minutes include: The South Village Poker Tournament, the UFC match, dream bikes, Schiesse’s “new” Coppi bike, Kick-Ass, catching pneumonia V phenomenon, scotch club, heated garages, Bulgarian DJ’s, da bears, wipeouts and loving loving bikes.  Good times.  JS 

Pre-race pole dance
Dan at the bike shop 

Jive Turkey Champ
American buds

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thursday Night Race - The KISS Principle

Keep It Stupid Simple!
I will write ABES events on the blog.  David will email you to let you know what is happening on the ABES blog.  Paul will phone you to remind you to check your email about the blog.  Could somebody remind Paul to call everybody to check their email about the blog? 

The Jive Turkey Alley Cat will take place this Thursday at 9:00.  Meet at my place.

Just had to share this one...

FailBlog never fails to amuse me.  It often makes me laugh.  This one made me guffaw.  Enjoy.

epic win photos - Messing With Cash4Gold WIN
see more Hacked IRL - Truth in Sarcasm

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hello gentlemen,

For some this is a repeat.  For some it is new.  For all it is an invitation.

Next Saturday (Dec. 11th, 2010) I'll be hosting the inaugural South Village Invitational Poker Tournament here at 4071 Road 6 N (Altona Village) in Altona.  We have space for 18 players in the tourney of which 17 slots have already been filled.

Interested in playing?  Here's the gist:  18 players max., $25 buy-in with one re-buy, emphasis on fun competition, mid-game break with dogs and snacks, UFC 124 - St. Pierre vs. Koscheck on the big screen.  Could we ask for anything more for a Saturday night?

As well as the tourney itself I'm sure that after the break a few players might be interested in playing a little side game so if you can't make it for that maybe pop by for a late game. 

Doors will open at 6:30.  Bring your own liquid refreshments.  There will be NO smoking inside (feel free to step outside the doors).  Play will commence promptly at 7:30 PM (don't be late).

Already signed up...

Myron Dyck
Johnny Sawatsky
Rob Heinrichs
Jim Kehler
Derrick Schellenberg
Kyle Paul
Paul Bergman
James Doell
Paul Krahn
Chris Friesen
Dennis Friesen
Franklin Rempel
Kevin Nickel
Donovan Bergman
Evan Heinrichs
Kerry Klassen
Vern Bergen

If you know of anyone who might be interested in snapping up the last seat remaining give them my email.  Anyone interested in having some fun and winning (possibly) some money is welcome.


David Sawatzky
(204) 324-3334

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

10 people showed up ready to race.  There seems to be a communication issue.  With little to no time to finalize the race, we rode instead.  Tom made his first ever winter ride appearance – well done.  James showed us the new trail leading to his house.  Albert shaved off his stache of 19 years (and will be credited on a future race).  Curt endoed into a snow drift.  My front tire swerved out on the edge of the park path - I was lucky enough to jump over my handlebars and land on my feet (thank you Jebus).  Myron is selling his winter bike for something less petite.  Wolters and DB will be fathers-in-law (congratulations).  Paul B is on a new diet (ha).  Ben loves the warmth of his beard; he looks like frosted mini-wheat when he’s outside and a California hippie when he’s inside (nutritious and delicious).  David is looking for a few more players for his poker tourney, and Dapper Dan showed up at the clubhouse for his post CMU celebrations. 

That looks so good
DSwat loves the coke
The new guy
A brief delay

We’ll race next week – I don’t care if you show up.  JS