Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

There was a good turnout for the ThNR.  Bruce, Tom, David, James, Myron, Wolters, Curt, Shaun (back from a 6 week absence) and I rode the freshly snow covered roads and trails of Rocktona.  It was a beautiful night for a ride.  We headed straight to the village where DSwat had groomed a sweet race course on his yard.  The short loop included three technical sections - a teeter-totter and two beams.  I'm sure it will be the sight of a future ABES race.  After some more riding we ended up at the park for the first knockdown games of the season; Tom’s new studded tires were extra grippy but it was usually the last person not to fall on their own that won – that, or the simultanious double knockdown finale.  The bike shop boys easily rode up the hill, others struggled, and some were needed to admire the efforts from the bottom.  We eventually retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Thomas who regailed us with the gory details of Glutton Cross where apparently 6 riders honked their entry fee.  It was agreed that pound for pound the ABES would easily dominate such an event - it plays to our natural strengths as “athletes”.  Other clubhouse minutes include: the velodrome under the Miller gym (to be confirmed by Curt), Alley Kat ale, memories of using screwdrivers as tire levers, our extra salty popcorn, drunken Halbstadters, winter bike projects, Inglorious Bastards, the Elmo sex tape, Mork and Mindy trading cards, the trippy violence in A Clockwork Orange, 24 hour races/sleep-overs, and a possible roadtrip to Minneapolis to ride the velodrome.  Good times.  JS

The infamous "Headless Cyclist"
Curt and Bruce ride through a meteor shower
Tom heading down the Village Road
Checking out the new cycling path North of the MEC
Buffalo Creek pond by night
Johnny - Mr. Knockdown (aka  fixie cheater)
Google Street View of the ride - facial image obscured
Curt - post knockdown knockout
Bruce watching the knockdown

David knows how to get on the blog - non-reflective clothing is key
DSwat's skills course
Bruce takes a long-cut
Duke does the right thing (for Duke) by avoiding the teeter-totter
The new addition at the race track
Curt is all bidness
Thomas is all right!


  1. News of such thrills and spills adds to suffer the ills and chills of winter's viral rest.