Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

10 people showed up ready to race.  There seems to be a communication issue.  With little to no time to finalize the race, we rode instead.  Tom made his first ever winter ride appearance – well done.  James showed us the new trail leading to his house.  Albert shaved off his stache of 19 years (and will be credited on a future race).  Curt endoed into a snow drift.  My front tire swerved out on the edge of the park path - I was lucky enough to jump over my handlebars and land on my feet (thank you Jebus).  Myron is selling his winter bike for something less petite.  Wolters and DB will be fathers-in-law (congratulations).  Paul B is on a new diet (ha).  Ben loves the warmth of his beard; he looks like frosted mini-wheat when he’s outside and a California hippie when he’s inside (nutritious and delicious).  David is looking for a few more players for his poker tourney, and Dapper Dan showed up at the clubhouse for his post CMU celebrations. 

That looks so good
DSwat loves the coke
The new guy
A brief delay

We’ll race next week – I don’t care if you show up.  JS

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