Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hello gentlemen,

For some this is a repeat.  For some it is new.  For all it is an invitation.

Next Saturday (Dec. 11th, 2010) I'll be hosting the inaugural South Village Invitational Poker Tournament here at 4071 Road 6 N (Altona Village) in Altona.  We have space for 18 players in the tourney of which 17 slots have already been filled.

Interested in playing?  Here's the gist:  18 players max., $25 buy-in with one re-buy, emphasis on fun competition, mid-game break with dogs and snacks, UFC 124 - St. Pierre vs. Koscheck on the big screen.  Could we ask for anything more for a Saturday night?

As well as the tourney itself I'm sure that after the break a few players might be interested in playing a little side game so if you can't make it for that maybe pop by for a late game. 

Doors will open at 6:30.  Bring your own liquid refreshments.  There will be NO smoking inside (feel free to step outside the doors).  Play will commence promptly at 7:30 PM (don't be late).

Already signed up...

Myron Dyck
Johnny Sawatsky
Rob Heinrichs
Jim Kehler
Derrick Schellenberg
Kyle Paul
Paul Bergman
James Doell
Paul Krahn
Chris Friesen
Dennis Friesen
Franklin Rempel
Kevin Nickel
Donovan Bergman
Evan Heinrichs
Kerry Klassen
Vern Bergen

If you know of anyone who might be interested in snapping up the last seat remaining give them my email.  Anyone interested in having some fun and winning (possibly) some money is welcome.


David Sawatzky
(204) 324-3334

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