Thursday, October 28, 2010

A few Cross Tastic pictures - Extra Late Edition

Better late than never?

I love that they're loving it

So many hops

Sooo many hops

Almost time to Crash and Burn before the Helloween Cross.  Can't wait.  JS

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crash and Burn Alley Cat

Race coordinator James Doell reminds us to bring $5, a pen, light and...

...a helmet.

Thursday Night Ride

Who wants to go for a bike ride then drink some beer?  Sounds good, no?  Perfect?  Pretty close.  Meet at 9:00.

Have you heard the good news?  There are three Cross races going down in Grand Forks.  Anybody can race and you don’t need a special license.  I'll be at Halloween Cross this weekend but we could arrange a road trip for another race.  Or what about another AD/DC event?  We need to make hay while the sun shines - even if that means riding bike in the mud and rain.  JS

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cross Tastic Report

The best results from team ABES was Mia completing 3 laps of the kids race.  She beat my best efforts which had me 1/3 of a lap into the race when my derailer derailed my chances of finishing.  Seems I picked up something in the tall grass that sucked into my chain and caused my bike to blow apart.  That sucks.  It’s better than a broken nose (Gary), F’d up hand (Brad), kidney stone attack (Mike) or a broken hand (Cam at Southern Cross – who amazingly still won the B race).  So although I want to bitch, I’ll pass for now.  There are plenty of reports and pictures by those that got to race (bastards).  The next cross race is Halloween at the Harbour put on by the fine folks at Red River Racing.  It should be fun.  It will be painful but race day is a good day.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

It was a smaller gathering with Tom, Duke, James, Albert, Paul W, and I.  We took a ride around town visiting about nothing in particular.  The pace was nice with the occasional burst to get the lungs and legs pumping.  The moon was almost full which made the night well lit.  I loved it.  We met David at the clubhouse where conversations rambled between: Dan's garage/bike warehouse, Albert's new $1100.00 fork (currently for sale for only $250.00 OBO), Dr. Pork N. Heimer's Boner Juice, the "Facts" in The Echo, growing weed and boarding, the B race fist pump pact (twss?), David don't carry no hockey bag for no weiner kid - and also shared his seething issues with people who yell things to kids at hockey games (especially if they yell stupid things), retiring before you start working, Paul trying to survive moving the dry cleaners (read: liquor store) to Main St (the old Plumbing Plus shop), birthday boys James and Lorne were cheered, Mexican Henry Winkler, "paging Dr. Faggot", and the alley crash race next week.  Good times.  JS

That vest makes it tough for taking good pictures 
These pretzels are making me thirsty.  Hydration is key.
Does anybody else thinks this looks like Cheryl?

Bill Murray is awesome.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thursday Night Ride

No more race details to worry about.  No more checklists, no more prep work.  Just get on your bike (or any bike) and ride.  There is also the matter of what to do with the leftover chips.  I'm sure we'll figure something out at the clubhouse.  Meet at 9:00. 

Cross results can be found here.  JS

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Southern Cross Pics

found here.

Southern Cross Pictures

Check out the slide show of the Southern Cross.  Thanks David for being the photographer.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Southern Cross Report

137 riders!  We didn't break the 200 barrier (yet), but we did manage to reclaim the title of Largest Cross Race in the Province.  Until Menno Cross 2011 ups the ante that is.

The weather cooperated, the course was long and technical with lots of spills, slips, bumps and give'r.  The kids did it kiddy style, the C's clashed, the B-boys and girls hurt so good, and the A racers made the sand pit and barriers look easy even though we know it wasn't.  Everybody suffered and smiled as is the norm.  The Southern Cross IPA helped ease the pain.  There was no shortage of the nectar this year and it was flowing late into the evening.  Most people went home with a little something something thanks to the generosity of our local businesses and the artful stylings of Shaun Dyck.  The Grand Prix crew handed out more schwag for the keeners, and chips (glorious chips) were devoured at every table.  Many thanks to many people for making the day memorable.

Pictures will be posted if anybody has some to share.  I was too distracted to take any.  Sweet Cheryl Koop did manage to take a couple of pictures...
Abby and Kate ready to rock the push bikes

Kids swarming for candy
Lost and found 

Claim them, post a comment or pick them up at the local MCC thrift store in 1 week.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Limited Edition SC Tees for sale Sunday!

That's right ABES and racers alike!  These Limited Edition Southern Cross tees will be available at the race on Sunday.  Made from 100% Cotton and available in a variety of colours these fine handmade tees make a perfect gift for that special someone this Christmas or just treat yourself!  The choice is yours just get one while they're here! (limited quantities available)



Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

The ride was short and sweet.  Tom had to leave the group early and didn't want to cut into his clubhouse time so we obliged.  The Clubhouse Minutes include: James is the race organizer for the October Alley Crash, BC sucks, blessing ceremonies = super gay, Kenny Powers, Tom is still waiting for his bike seat, DSwat has 30 shirts for sale for Southern Cross, Dwight is missing SC but is biking to Portage instead, the music flipped between hip hop and The Hip, Bungee expansions and the new underpass, the Sawatzky and Sons Poker Tournament, Tinker Creek V Tinker Town, the Dyck/Dueck sausage party, the Babes of Abes experiment, and the lady slayers new jersey.  Good times.

Thomas visualizes the win
Comrade Tom is actually happy
Der Frauenschwarm is a bike club jersey whore
More schwag for SC
Paul even makes his tea cosy hat look good
David (and the Jets) are back for more 

James shows of his headlights and the infamous jump site 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Southern Cross Goodness

The details are coming together.  Come on down for the southern hospitality and enjoy the party.
Last year we thought 48 Southern Cross beer would suffice.
We won't make that mistake again.  
Mia posses with the insanely large bag of zote donated by Ronnie himself.
Cross Plates available thanks to the good folks at Back Alley Cycle.
Stickers for the youngens
Actual Cross Plates for the A and B winners made by Shaun
The A winner will need a designated driver
Scott Penner shows off his delicious sausage which he'll whip out for all Cross racers to enjoy!
If anybody needs a place to crash between Cross races, the Krahn barn will be available.
Please post a comment or contact me for details.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Southern Cross Prep

The final Cross Lab of the year before the Grand Prix weekend extravaganza goes down this Tuesday.  Meet at ABES headquarters at 6:45 and we'll do our thang.
All ABES are encouraged to help construct the race course this Saturday at 3:00.  Meet at the park with your work gloves and a big hammer.  We'll hammer the stakes and tape the course.  There will be time to race in St. Malo AND help set up our course.  The more the merrier.  JS

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Southern Cross hype machine is churning

James was cropped out of the picture to feature Sweet Cheryl Koop in the latest edition of our local rag

Note the Southern Cross magnet provided by Hot-Dog Sawatzky

Other notable press featuring Gavin (with follow-up pictures) here.

Thursday Night Dramatization

epic fail photos - Trust FAIL
see more funny videos

Cross course ride - Saturday at 4:00.  Meet you at the park.  Bring the fam damily why don't ya.  JS

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

Duke, David, Shaun, Giles, Tom, Paul W, Paul K and I rode on the mildest October Thursday night ride in ABES history.    
Giles makes a rare appearance
Shaun LOVES it
Steve gives his approval 
Paul W cruising along 
Tom is happier than he looks
moments before IT happened
The ride was also the first time 911 was called to provide care to a fallen rider.  David was leading the ride on his road bike when in the darkness mistakenly rode off a mountain bike jump.  He endoed hard and bounced to the bottom of the hill in a crumpled heap.  Steve B took charge like a stud.  David thought we should call 911 so we did.  He was assessed and eventually walked away from the scene.  It was scary.  One of the EMS attendants did not like me documenting the incident.  She obviously does not follow our blog.  Or know about David’s cache of innapropriate pictures.

David at the bottom of the jump.  Paul looking for the baby.
He's going to be all-right! 
EMS is on the scene

Signing the release form
We slowly rode back to the clubhouse where we were joined by James, Paul B. and our Rostern member Jeff.  Clubhouse Minutes include: Paul B’s “As Awkward as Possible Moving Company”, Grandma Dynamite – she’s the right girl if you want to be wrong, gourmet dog food, how to high five (look at their elbow), nice boot/bs, Saturday night poker, Smurfette V Betty Rubble V Judy Jetson, stretch and strengthen = mennonite yoga, Dazed and Confused, Paul K reading his short story at McNally Robinson, a Southern Cross eve wing-ding at the Krahn barn (possibly), and James will organize the October alley cat.  Possible race themes were ABES crash sites revisited, classic rock, and David is Dumb.  Good times.  JS

Jbucks pontificates and Paul looks for comfort from above - aka TSN
Shaun is testing new glazes for the Southern Cross Plates.