Friday, October 1, 2010

Viva Las Vegas Alley Cat Report

The Viva Las Vegas Alley Cat took place on a beautiful fall night pitting Shaun, Steve, James, Tom, Larry and Paul Wolters (welcome Paul) to vie for the prize.  The race consisted of Vegas/Altona similarites – The strip v the strip mall, Cirque du Soleil v the new playground at the park, and the most churches per capita V the most churches per capita.  Checkpoint games of dice, high/low and blackjack challenged riders (apparantly finding the checkpoints or dice was another challenge), Vegas trivia, bonus points for tequila shots, and the one dollar challenge on the VLT’s rounded out the dimensions of the race of speed, attentiveness and luck.  In the end it was Tom’s VLT winnings of $2.50 that catapulted him past Steve to first place.  Steve would have won if he had put his dollar in the VLT and immediately printed his ticket.   Steve hated it.  Shaun won the DFL prize - a $2.50 VLT ticket which he used to buy some Slim Jims for the team.  Atta boy Shaun.  James won the draw prize of a sweet Southern Cross shirt made and donated by Dswat, but suffered a header over a parking curb during the race.  Tom and Larry decided to ride together and both lost their manifests – doubled back to find one, went to the wrong car dealership, and skipped several clues before returning to the clubhouse with a DNF.  Paul met us at the clubhouse – he missed the race because he and the rest of the women were doing yoga in Emerson.  We were also joined by Steve and Stoney from Langdon ND – a couple of trucker buddies that have made friends with some of the Bunge crowd.  Clubhouse minutes include: Davids near death acid experience, extra-ordinary women, Fubar, wrestlers of the past, Bombers, Greece/Moose Jaw, my greatest birthday experience ever, Jordie and Mitch the bitch, the Big Mary pube burger, the Trans Siberian Orchestra, Kaizen, and the Nirvana debate continues to enrage, inflame and delight.  Good times. 

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  1. Nirvana debate? What debate? PB is a wingnut who has slandered my good name long enough. 6 MILLION PAUL!!! 6 MILLION!!!