Sunday, October 3, 2010

La Barriere Cross Report

The race was cancelled but the barn-raising efforts of Cross enthusiasts not only ensured that there was a race, but that the race was great, in a beautiful park with a fun, flowing, painful course.  Well done.  Team ABES rocked the race.

They obviously have the right attitude
Race time high-five!

Ben rocks the stairs - and the beard

I am a mess.  Good times.
Next race up on the race docket - SOUTHERN CROSS.  It's a fun and positive atmosphere where both newcomers and vets can come out, ride hard and enjoy the spirit of community that comes after turning you inside out with your homies.  Invite everybody you know.  I can hardly wait.


  1. Actually, the next race is in St Malo the day before Southern Cross. Southern Cross is part two of the inaugural Manitoba Grand Prix of Cyclocross. Think of it as good times times two. And there will be quite the collection of prizes. But only for those who do both races. And for you cheapskate Altona folks without licenses, you don't need them for St Malo either. No excuses.

    WV: reaper

  2. Oh ya. My thoughts are only on one race right now.
    If the plantes align I'll be able to do both. Cross day is fun. JS