Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Southern Cross Goodness

The details are coming together.  Come on down for the southern hospitality and enjoy the party.
Last year we thought 48 Southern Cross beer would suffice.
We won't make that mistake again.  
Mia posses with the insanely large bag of zote donated by Ronnie himself.
Cross Plates available thanks to the good folks at Back Alley Cycle.
Stickers for the youngens
Actual Cross Plates for the A and B winners made by Shaun
The A winner will need a designated driver
Scott Penner shows off his delicious sausage which he'll whip out for all Cross racers to enjoy!
If anybody needs a place to crash between Cross races, the Krahn barn will be available.
Please post a comment or contact me for details.


  1. Lookin' sweet Johnny Boy!

    Sure you squeezed in enough sexual innuendo about Scott? Might want to lay it on a little thicker next time. In case someone missed it...

  2. I have no idea what that guy is talking about.

  3. Is there an evening Kermesse at the Krahn's?




  4. In case someone missed what?

    Nothing going down at the Krahn Barn - the picture was to reference the place, not to add another race to the mix. You could have a nice knockdown event in the loft. I'll leave that to the host with the most.
    For an added bonus, The South Forty restaurant in Rocktona has an all you can eat Indian Buffet on Saturday night. It's very good. JS

  5. That schwag is schweet!