Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

The ride was short and sweet.  Tom had to leave the group early and didn't want to cut into his clubhouse time so we obliged.  The Clubhouse Minutes include: James is the race organizer for the October Alley Crash, BC sucks, blessing ceremonies = super gay, Kenny Powers, Tom is still waiting for his bike seat, DSwat has 30 shirts for sale for Southern Cross, Dwight is missing SC but is biking to Portage instead, the music flipped between hip hop and The Hip, Bungee expansions and the new underpass, the Sawatzky and Sons Poker Tournament, Tinker Creek V Tinker Town, the Dyck/Dueck sausage party, the Babes of Abes experiment, and the lady slayers new jersey.  Good times.

Thomas visualizes the win
Comrade Tom is actually happy
Der Frauenschwarm is a bike club jersey whore
More schwag for SC
Paul even makes his tea cosy hat look good
David (and the Jets) are back for more 

James shows of his headlights and the infamous jump site 

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  1. If someone could give me a ride to St. Malo tomorrow, so that I can drive a course setup supplies truck back for the real race on Sunday, that would be great. thomasgepp at gmail dot com. or call me at three two seven, six five four eight. Danke. I'm racing "B" so need not be there for all the shindigs, but can if need be.