Friday, June 28, 2013

ThNR Report

Duke suggested an early ride but only showed up at 10:00 - funny.  Franklin did arrive early and we decided to wait until 8:00 and enjoyed a backyard beer as he savoured his last day of teaching.  Giles, Ben, Wolters, Mike, Ben, Franz, Steven, Gavin and I rode around town.  When most of us were ready to retire, Gavin and Steven soldiered on.  We later found out they were on a mission to retrieve a tandem mountain bike from Neubergthal.  We were joined at the clubhouse by DB, James, Shaun, Steve and Tom.  Minutes include: After receiving another chicken wing burn by Nash - Giles decided to make a run to McDee's to soothe our savage souls (great move), we were also revisited by the Hudderite Honey's (no that's not the new name for Athena - true story), Shaun has Bombers tourettes, The sunflower festival gravel grinder is ON - deets are coming soon, Giles rode his last ThnR as an Altonian - boo, DB is going to watch Genevieve race in the Wisconsin Dairyland Tour this weekend, listening to Uncie Gowan, and David got sick and missed the football game.  Good times.

Photos by Giles, Steven and me...
We're going to miss this hoser
Pre-cheeseburger sweats
The ladies, the ladies
Sleep well brave prince

Thursday, June 27, 2013

ThNR - Bombers Edition

Duke suggested we ride at 7:00 and watch the game at the clubhouse.  That works for me.  David won some tickets and will enjoy the game live.

If you can only manage an 8:00 ride, I'm guessing you won't be the only one (or they didn't check the blog).

Sunday, June 23, 2013

ThNR Report

The rain seemed like it was going to pour at any moment all day, but it never materialized so Charles and I were able to enjoy the thrills and humiliation of riding the Tinker trials - it was great.  The rest of the ABES crew stayed close to home and pushed their pedals around town; where Franz-man and Patrick returned after a long hiatus from the ThNR.  

The clubhouse was unusually busy and minutes include: nobody knows what an acre is (160 squared rods?), Blue Jays are winning?, living life right V living life correctly, operation Muerto teams: DB and Franklin & Steven and Gavin, Duke is looking for a house in Altona's little Germany, David is involved in the Canadian health care system where the motto seems to be - time heals all wounds, Steven is looking to add a fixie to his bike collection, Shaun was reluctantly celebrating his birthday, most people bitch way too much, and Steve returned without a cast on his leg.  Good times.  JS

Chaz near the invisible trail head
Shaun celebrates his birth with some girls (drinks)
James is on the patch 
Cowlicks are in the house
Steve is back on the horse - hurray!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We should ride the lake trial.  Athena did it and we can too.  Dude power - I guess.  Mostly, riding mountain bike is super fun!  If you like fun, we'll leave my place at 6:30.  I can take 3 more peeps and props.  If you want to go, post what you need or what you can offer to get us there.  The weather may cause us to change our plans but let's give it a go.

If you prefer your cycling adventures with smoother and flatter conditions, the usual ThNR is still on for 8:00.  Pick yer poison.

Friday, June 14, 2013

ThNR Alleycat Report

Great ThNR dudes.  David organized an alleycat race and the rest of us scattered about town looking for answers.  I returned with the fastest time!  My secret strategy was getting turned around and giving up hope.  Shaun and Franklin had a perfect race however and shared the top honours.  We concluded the race at headquarters with a sweet fire and Freedom beers.  Minutes included: DB put divots in my yard trying to tame Franklins naughty wood, reminiscing about the bike weekend, Chaz shared his video of the Morden trials, giving and getting rides with my new work bike, David can't stop talking about and Shaun can't stop laughing about Norm MacDonald's show, Steven is hinting for a cool camping stove for fathers day, attempting clarity can be confusing, and Franklin is game for hosting a Thursday night country and rifle ride this summer.  Good times.

There are no ThNR photos to submit but here's some cool bikey stuff...

Bikes are awesome.  JS

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thursday Night Ride Alleycat!

It's been awhile so why not continue the good vibes from the Bike Weekend with a little alleycat race.  Come on by the usual start place at 8PM and we'll see what I've managed to throw together.  Bring a writing utensil and 5 bucks for the prize pool.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Report

That was awesome!  Bikes, beers and bullshit were rampant this weekend and the ABES army savoured every sweet moment.  Franklin, Steven, Gavin, Shaun, Mike, Curt, DB, Albert, James, honorary ABE Dave Unger, and I revelled in the joy and pain of mountain biking at the Falcon Lake resort and Ingolf trails on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  David, Tom and Duke enjoyed cycling the TCT, weekend naps, cribbage, fixing a van window, and Tom searched for treasures with his new metal detector (coughnerdcough). 

Best Late Night Game: One Legged Time Trials using a duct-taped Crock on Franklins bike
Best Late Night Game Moment: Steven cycling off-course and winding up at the camp office
Best Legs: James – puffy, bitten and bloody
Best WTF Moment: David’s shattered van window
Best Girly Scream - David
Best Crash: Steven with an impressive end-over chin plant on Sunday
Best After-School Special Moment: DB
Best Reunion: James, DB and Shaun with the rest of the group at Ingolf
Best Couple: Steven and Gavin
Worst Couple: Mike and Curt
Biggest BS: Name That Highway Noise - Kenworth V Kenmore
Biggest Argument: tie - MTS and Bobcat
Best Beer: tie - Everything but Blue
Best Vehicle: Dave Unger

I didn’t take any pictures but Steven took this after Friday’s ride at Falcon…

Albert submitted the OLTT results…

Fr. 44.8
Gf. 40.7
JD 48.9
PdbK 43.4
Sd  42.7
JS  40.5
Sw   40.8
Af.  43.3
CT.  47.7
MK   42.1

Well done team - that weekend definitely deserves a do-over.  Good times.  JS 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

1 More Sleeps

Bike Weekend Eve is here.  I hope I can fall sleep.  
I'll likely take something to help me nod off - probably beer.
ThNR is on.  8pm.
I might be a late arrival but I know where to find you.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2 More Sleeps

This weekend is going to be totally rad.
To the max!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

3 More Sleeps

The booze trailer will be well stocked for the weekend.

Monday, June 3, 2013

4 More Sleeps

Don't forget to bring your lawn chair.
Remember: Lawn Chair

Sunday, June 2, 2013

5 More Sleeps

FYI - Be prepared with extra water and food for the Saturday ride.  It's slow, technical, awesome, and may take us 3-4+ hours to complete.  

I'm so stoked about the weekend!  JS