Friday, June 14, 2013

ThNR Alleycat Report

Great ThNR dudes.  David organized an alleycat race and the rest of us scattered about town looking for answers.  I returned with the fastest time!  My secret strategy was getting turned around and giving up hope.  Shaun and Franklin had a perfect race however and shared the top honours.  We concluded the race at headquarters with a sweet fire and Freedom beers.  Minutes included: DB put divots in my yard trying to tame Franklins naughty wood, reminiscing about the bike weekend, Chaz shared his video of the Morden trials, giving and getting rides with my new work bike, David can't stop talking about and Shaun can't stop laughing about Norm MacDonald's show, Steven is hinting for a cool camping stove for fathers day, attempting clarity can be confusing, and Franklin is game for hosting a Thursday night country and rifle ride this summer.  Good times.

There are no ThNR photos to submit but here's some cool bikey stuff...

Bikes are awesome.  JS

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