Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Report

That was awesome!  Bikes, beers and bullshit were rampant this weekend and the ABES army savoured every sweet moment.  Franklin, Steven, Gavin, Shaun, Mike, Curt, DB, Albert, James, honorary ABE Dave Unger, and I revelled in the joy and pain of mountain biking at the Falcon Lake resort and Ingolf trails on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  David, Tom and Duke enjoyed cycling the TCT, weekend naps, cribbage, fixing a van window, and Tom searched for treasures with his new metal detector (coughnerdcough). 

Best Late Night Game: One Legged Time Trials using a duct-taped Crock on Franklins bike
Best Late Night Game Moment: Steven cycling off-course and winding up at the camp office
Best Legs: James – puffy, bitten and bloody
Best WTF Moment: David’s shattered van window
Best Girly Scream - David
Best Crash: Steven with an impressive end-over chin plant on Sunday
Best After-School Special Moment: DB
Best Reunion: James, DB and Shaun with the rest of the group at Ingolf
Best Couple: Steven and Gavin
Worst Couple: Mike and Curt
Biggest BS: Name That Highway Noise - Kenworth V Kenmore
Biggest Argument: tie - MTS and Bobcat
Best Beer: tie - Everything but Blue
Best Vehicle: Dave Unger

I didn’t take any pictures but Steven took this after Friday’s ride at Falcon…

Albert submitted the OLTT results…

Fr. 44.8
Gf. 40.7
JD 48.9
PdbK 43.4
Sd  42.7
JS  40.5
Sw   40.8
Af.  43.3
CT.  47.7
MK   42.1

Well done team - that weekend definitely deserves a do-over.  Good times.  JS 

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