Friday, June 28, 2013

ThNR Report

Duke suggested an early ride but only showed up at 10:00 - funny.  Franklin did arrive early and we decided to wait until 8:00 and enjoyed a backyard beer as he savoured his last day of teaching.  Giles, Ben, Wolters, Mike, Ben, Franz, Steven, Gavin and I rode around town.  When most of us were ready to retire, Gavin and Steven soldiered on.  We later found out they were on a mission to retrieve a tandem mountain bike from Neubergthal.  We were joined at the clubhouse by DB, James, Shaun, Steve and Tom.  Minutes include: After receiving another chicken wing burn by Nash - Giles decided to make a run to McDee's to soothe our savage souls (great move), we were also revisited by the Hudderite Honey's (no that's not the new name for Athena - true story), Shaun has Bombers tourettes, The sunflower festival gravel grinder is ON - deets are coming soon, Giles rode his last ThnR as an Altonian - boo, DB is going to watch Genevieve race in the Wisconsin Dairyland Tour this weekend, listening to Uncie Gowan, and David got sick and missed the football game.  Good times.

Photos by Giles, Steven and me...
We're going to miss this hoser
Pre-cheeseburger sweats
The ladies, the ladies
Sleep well brave prince

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  1. What? I gotta do it all? Come up with a new time AND ride?