Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We should ride the lake trial.  Athena did it and we can too.  Dude power - I guess.  Mostly, riding mountain bike is super fun!  If you like fun, we'll leave my place at 6:30.  I can take 3 more peeps and props.  If you want to go, post what you need or what you can offer to get us there.  The weather may cause us to change our plans but let's give it a go.

If you prefer your cycling adventures with smoother and flatter conditions, the usual ThNR is still on for 8:00.  Pick yer poison.


  1. I'd like to go... with someone. The ladies did the Tinker Creek trails, which would be my vote as well. They turned around and didn't finish, but I'm sure with dude power we could complete the loop? Franklin

  2. I plan to go. Hopefully the weather holds off. I have room for 3 bikes and 3 people. CK